Auditing courses

Registered students and members of the community may be granted permission to audit up to 3.0 units of undergraduate courses in a session (typically two courses of 1.5 units).

Registration as an auditor is subject to the following conditions

Permission to audit a course

  • You must receive permission from the department offering the course.
  • Permission is dependent upon the class size and other factors that the instructor and the department establish.
  • Auditor class entry forms are available online or from Student Support Services on the main floor of University Centre.
  • Auditor Class Entry Forms are processed beginning on the first business day following the last day to add courses for the term.
  • You may attend classes prior to being registered as an auditor
  • You may need to request that your instructor grants you access to CourseSpaces.

Auditor fees

  • There are different auditor fees for students over the age of 65.
  • Fees shown in the Calendar are per credit unit, most courses are valued at 1.5 units.