Community-engaged research videos

student using video camera
UVic researchers and students have created many engaging videos showcasing community-engaged research happening at UVic.

Video is a valued tool in both the community-engaged research (CER) process for data collection and in knowledge mobilization to share research impacts broadly with the public, media and policy makers. 

Engaging video examplars

Using video in research

These examples were showcased as part of the Digital knowledge sharing: Using video in research workshop series sponsored by Research Partnerships & Knowledge Mobilization (RPKM) and the Faculty of Education

Research Reels

The Research Reels annual video showcase competition brings together videographers and aspiring videographers from across campus to tell their stories about the exciting research and creative activity taking place here at UVic.  

Videos must be under three minutes and demonstrate the vital impact of research or creative activities taking place at UVic. UVic Communications + Marketing welcomes video entries from students, faculty, staff and alumni, regardless of experience or equipment (yes, cellphone cameras count). Video finalists are screened at the annual IdeaFest.

Faces of UVic Research

Who are UVic's researchers? What do they study? And how is their work relevant to our lives? Find out in the "Faces of UVic Research" video series, in which individual researchers give a short "elevator pitch" on their research in everyday language-that quickly gets to the heart of what they do and why it matters.

To learn more you can view the full playlist Faces of UVic Research on YouTube.


CUEcasts are short interviews with community-engaged scholars. Watch CUEcasts to hear more about what UVic faculty and staff are thinking about and researching in regards to community-engaged research. 

Resources to help you get started creating your own videos