Resources for students

UVic currently provides the following resources for students wanting to participate in community-engaged learning (CEL). Explore the list of over 15 types of CEL opportunities available at UVic to learn how you can get engaged with the community.

If you need support or have a question about CEL that isn't answered below, please let us know! Contact  with your inquiry.

Hands-on learning opportunities

Hands-on learning opportunities are ways to engage in experiential education as part of your academic program. They're a fantastic way to gain experience while you complete your UVic degree! Not all hands-on learning opportunities involve working with the community, but there is a lot of overlap within hands-on learning and community-engaged learning. If you are keen to make a difference in community organizations, hands-on learning experiences will help you develop your skills and knowledge to better support community needs.

Thanks to Co-op and Career Services there is a map available for nearly every program at UVic that lists all hands-on learning opportunities available to you. Check out the maps to learn about the hands-on learning opportunities you can experience while completing your studies!

Join OCUE's community of practice

The Community-Engaged Learning office is developing a community-of-practice with fellow community-engaged learning (CEL) participants at UVic. We help host and promote events and get-togethers for staff and faculty, community members and students participating in CEL. These events provide an opportunity to network with other CEL participants.

If you are interested in joining this group contact a CEL Coordinator at  to stay in the loop about these events and other relevant community-university engagement news.

Indigenous students' supports and resources

UVic's Office of Indigenous Academic and Community Engagement (IACE) provides support and resources for Indigenous students. Visit the IACE website to explore these resources. 

Social innovation resources

Once you begin participating in community-engaged learning opportunities you'll likely hear the term "social innovation." Social innovation and community-university engagement are often interconnected on projects and initiatives. Community organizations, university faculty and students interested in building connections between the university and the community are often also champions of social innovation.

What is social innovation?  

Social innovation can be defined in numerous ways. We like to use the definition below, provided by the McConnell Foundation (this foundation provided grant funds to establish our local social innovation hub the Vancouver Island Social Innovation Zone).

Social innovations are new ideas, products, services, institutions and relationships, offering fresh examples of social innovations of the past including the nursing profession, the emergence of cooperatives, and umbrella fundraising organizations… Social innovations often occur at the edges of systems, or where two or more ‘siloed’ disciplines meet. For example, the burgeoning field of social entrepreneurship integrates financial with social or environmental outcomes.

- McConnell Foundation Social Innovation Fund (Information guide and application)

Watch the video below by the Social Innovation Generation to learn more. 

Other CEL questions?

If you have other questions about community-enaged learning, please contact .