CEL for students

Community-engaged learning in action
UVic co-op student Lyndsee Thompson (political science, centre), spent a co-op term working with Me to We in Kenya as a Junior Kenya Trips Facilitator. Thompson developed friendships with Dorothy and Sharon, students from Kipsongal Primary School, while she worked in the community. Thompson is just one of many UVic students making a difference through community-engaged learning experiences.

How community-engaged learning (CEL) benefits community and students

You can make a vital impact on the community through contributing your skills, enthusiasm and knowledge to community projects and organizational needs. Community also plays a vital role in enhancing your learning experiences by guiding you through real-life projects that directly relate to your studies. 

There are many ways that you can participate in hands-on learning that mutually benefits both you and community members/organizations. Community-engaged learning (CEL) is a wide range of experiences from hands-on classroom work (like developing websites or business plans for small businesses) to co-op work terms and practicum placements that occur in organizations off campus.

  • Explore the 15+ types of community-engaged learning at UVic and how you can participate during your studies at UVic.
  • Check out the resources available to students participating in CEL to learn more about how you can participate.
  • Read about courses at UVic that are being redesigned to engage students with community - you might discover a class you want to sign up for next semester!