Providing a salary

Co-op work terms provide paid work experience, so you will be responsible for the student's salary during their work term at your organization. You’ll set your student employee’s salary based on the student’s skills, your organization’s resources and industry standards. Co-op salaries may vary according to many factors, including the student's previous work experience, year of study and assigned responsibilities. 

Salaries or stipends for international work terms should be consistent with industry standards in that country.

Please see average co-op salaries for recent salaries by program area.

Other compensation

Under the terms of a collective agreement or the Employment Standards Act, you’ll also provide benefits: four per cent vacation pay or time off in lieu during the work term. 

Students usually expect to pay for their own housing and relocation, but you may choose to make your job postings more competitive by offering incentives, like providing subsidized housing or paying travel costs after the work term.