We'll help you prepare for your Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs)

Table at a past mock mini interview clinic with a "Keep Calm and Interview On" sign

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Have you received an invitation to an MMI-style interview from a medical, physiotherapy, dental, pharmacy or other health-related school? If so, you can take part in our mock MMIs!

Mock MMIs are practice interview, coaching and feedback sessions designed to help UVic students and alumni prepare for their upcoming MMIs.

These group sessions will include a mock interview and feedback/coaching.

WHEN: January 14, January 28 and February 25, 2022.

WHERE: The 2022 mock MMIs will be held virtually on Zoom.

HOW TO REGISTER: If/when you receive an invitation to an MMI-style interview via email for a professional program, please contact to register for a mock MMI with UVic Career Services.

What are MMIs?

Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs) are used primarily for assessing students for admittance to health-related professional schools. This interview format consists of a series of short interviews (six to 10 minutes each) at separate stations on a circuit. MMIs were initially developed for medical school candidates, but they're now common for admittance to nursing, pharmacy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and veterinary schools.

How MMIs work

MMIs usually run for two to three hours and are structured along the following lines:

  • Welcome and orientation
  • A bell sounds and applicants move to an assigned station and have two minutes to read a question or scenario and consider their response
  • A bell sounds and participants enter the station and answer the question or complete the task or role-play (six to ten minutes)
  • Applicants may be offered a prompt by the evaluators to assist them with answering a question more thoroughly or to complete a task effectively
  • Tasks may include role-playing, the use of equipment or written assignments
  • Stations may have one evaluator or a number of people in the room: for example a station may have an evaluator and an actor who role-plays a task with an applicant
  • Participants continue to move on a circuit, from station to station approximately ten to 12 times
  • One or two stations may be designated as rest stations
  • A tour of the school is often part of the MMI event schedule

Sample MMI questions and scenarios

  • You're working alone in a convenience store as a cashier late at night. An older man comes in and buys a coffee. He is staggering, seems disoriented, and you smell alcohol on his breath. On the way out, he bumps into a shelf and knocks some cereal boxes off. He tries to put the boxes back, but cannot manage this task. What actions might you take in this situation, and why?
  • You are on holiday at a Mexican beach resort with some friends who are staying one floor down from you. A large earthquake hits in the middle of the night, and the building you're in is severely damaged. You have injured your leg, suspect it might be fractured, and hear someone yelling for help nearby. What would you do?

Preparing for your MMI

  • Practice expressing your ideas in a structured and organized way
  • Consider how you might express your empathy, understanding and patience in your interpersonal communication
  • Pay attention to news on healthcare and health-related issues and consider the ethical, economic and geographic challenges
  • Research issues in your chosen healthcare occupation
  • Be prepared to respond to scenarios where your integrity might be challenged—develop your awareness of ethics and standards of professional conduct
  • Practice analyzing complex situations by looking at various sides of issues and discussing these points
  • Practice sample questions and the MMI format with friends or other candidates
  • If you have an MMI scheduled, contact Career Services (careers@uvic.ca) to ask about practice sessions

Useful resources

Most professional schools that use the MMI format provide specific information online, including: