Interviews and job offers

Co-op interviews

When you apply for a co-op job in the Co-op and Career portal, your application package will be sent to the employer. The employer then puts together a shortlist of candidates they'd like to interview. If you’re shortlisted, your co-op office will contact you to schedule an interview. Usually, you'll be provided with several timeslots to choose from.

Your interview (usually 20–60 minutes) might be held at the employer's workplace, on campus, or by phone or Skype. It could be one-on-one or a panel interview.

TIP: Talk to your co-op office if you’d like some help preparing for your interviews. You can also check out our interview resources.

Job offers

After your interview, your co-op office will let you know if you’ve been offered the job. If so, congratulations! You’ll have 24 hours to accept or decline. Feel free to discuss your decision with your coordinator.

Once you’ve decided whether to accept or decline the job, tell your co-op coordinator (don’t contact the employer directly). Your coordinator will inform the employer of your decision.

If you've accepted, the employer will likely contact you to provide information about your first day and any human resources paperwork you need to complete. 

TIP: Explore the professional development resources for tips about your first day and succeeding in the workplace.