Student stories

Contributing to an Indigenous consultancy firm

Hannah Gentes

Two World Consulting

This summer, UVic Indigenous studies and environmental studies student Hannah Gentes has put her double major to use while working as an Environmental and Social Analyst with Two Worlds Consulting. The environmental and social consultancy provides impact assessment and community engagement services to government organizations, industry and Indigenous Nations.

Hannah was hired to support several projects throughout the summer, including revising Two Worlds Consulting’s Reconciliation Action Plan.

As a team member guided by the principles of reconciliation, Hannah has immersed herself in the reconciliatory framework Two Worlds Consulting applies to impact assessments, engagement and consultation.

Two Worlds Consulting believes that their co-op students bring valuable knowledge to the team and helps the company challenge ideas and adapt perspectives. It is important for Two Worlds Consulting to support the next generation who will continue their work in the future.

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