Discover your Leading Edge

Leading Edge

At UVic, we'll help you blend your education and experience to build a future you love. 

We've organized our career development resources into four buckets - use these resources to answer the 4 big questions* and discover your leading edge.

Looking for help? Contact your career educator for one-on-one support.

*What's unique about how UVic uses these 4 big questions?

The 4 big questions that we use to frame UVic’s Leading Edge are not unique to UVic; they are universal philosophical questions that promote self-discovery.

What is unique to UVic is the way we have interpreted these 4 big questions to create an innovative curricular approach to experiential learning and career development.

When students explore their Leading Edge, they reflect on their UVic experiences using a curricular lens that is inspired by these philosophical questions. Through this process, students develop a sense of purpose, and a plan forward, that draws on their hands-on academic and co-curricular experiences.

See more about the origin of the Leading Edge framework.

Want to dig deeper?

 Meet with a career educator to chat about your goals or check out all of our resources below.

Build your skills

  • Understanding and using competencies
  • 10 core competencies
  • Your program-specific competencies
  • Intercultural competencies
  • Professional competencies
  • Certifications and training

Learn what you can do with your degree

  • Explore career options
  • Labour market information
  • Graduate school
  • Career research examples

Search for work

  • Job posting sites
  • Jobs on campus
  • Work search tips
  • Using the Co-op and Career portal
  • Networking

Apply for jobs

  • Deconstructing job postings
  • Résumés and CVs
  • Cover letters
  • Interviews
  • Portfolios
  • Negotiating a job offer

Be successful at work

  • Professional development
  • Equity, diversity, mental health and personal safety at work

Career workshops and programs

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Longer career programs

We offer two free online self-paced programs:

Other career programs at UVic:

Government hiring programs

  • Hiring programs within the federal government
  • Hiring programs within the BC provincial government

Support for Indigenous students


Support for international students


Support for graduate students


Support for alumni