The Leading Edge is coming in 2019

Leading Edge

Starting in 2019, you'll be able to take part in the Leading Edge to help you answer these 4 big questions:

You'll draw from your academic, extra-curricular and workplace experiences to:

  • clarify your purpose and what you want for your life
  • develop a plan for how to get there
  • learn how to describe your strengths to others
  • earn a Leading Edge certificate of completion

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We're so excited to launch this initiative - and we'll let you know when it's ready to go.

What’s unique about how UVic uses these 4 big questions?

The 4 big questions that we use to frame UVic’s Leading Edge are not unique to UVic—they are universal philosophical questions that promote self-discovery.

What is unique to UVic is the way we have interpreted these 4 big questions to create an innovative curricular program. When students participate in the Leading Edge, they reflect on their UVic experiences using a curricular lens that is inspired by these philosophical questions. Through this process, students develop a sense of purpose, and a plan forward, that draws on their hands-on academic and co-curricular experiences.

The ikigai connection

The 4 big questions are inspired by the Japanese concept of Ikigai, as outlined in Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life (Garcia and Miralles, 2016). Garcia and Miralles in turn drew inspiration from Marc Winn's What is your Ikigai (2014) blog post. Edutopia (2015) has also drawn inspiration from these 4 big questions. There are many interpretations, which all centre around finding one's purpose. The original source of the concept is unclear.