Searching for work during COVID-19

Shift into Summer
A lot has changed in the past few months, including what it looks like to search for work and explore your career options. We know this is challenging and we're here to help! Connect with us online and use these resources to take your next steps.

Meet with your personal career educator

Did you know you have a dedicated career educator who specializes in your area of study? We know searching for work is tough right now, and we're here to help. 

Career educators can assist with job searches, interviews, career exploration and more. Connect with your career educator


Get ready to Interview Remotely

Remote interviews may be new for you. See our tips for success in a virtual interview. 

Prepare to interview remotely

Some employers are shifting to remote interviewing rather than in-person interviewing. Interviewing over video conference or phone can feel different than interviewing in person, but the principles are the same. Here are a few tips to make it simple:

  1. Treat webcam interviews as a combination of a telephone and in-person interview. As in a phone interview, you can have some notes in front of you, but should avoid referring to them too often.
  2. Ask permission: When looking to call someone using a webcam tool like Zoom, Skype, or Facetime, it’s polite to ask for permission before calling. Your contact might be on the telephone, in a public place or otherwise not in a position to take your webcam call. Try instant messaging before making the call - a short text like “Is this still a good time for our call?” will only take a few seconds and will avoid catching your contact off guard. It’s also a good idea to know whether your contact expects to see you on webcam, or whether he or she expects a voice-only call.
  3. Prepare your space: To prepare your space, find a quiet spot with bare walls behind you, set up the webcam/monitor so it is eye-level, and make sure you’re captured well on the screen. Avoid being surrounded by clutter and don’t plan to multitask during the call - your full attention should be on the interview. Log on about 10 minutes early.
  4. Create a professional profile: When you connect via web conferencing program, the interviewer may be able to see certain profile information about you by default. Be aware what your status, location, and other profile details are saying and ensure they are appropriate and accurate when using this type of tool for business.
  5. Test the technology: Test out the quality of your microphone, video, and internet connection before the interview. If possible, invest in an external microphone and headphones. Ensure there won’t be other demands on your internet connection at the same time. If you have access to an Ethernet connection, it is usually better than wireless.

Explore funding and financial support

Many students are experiencing unexpected financial hardship because of COVID-19. Here are a few resources that may be helpful:

Canada Student Grant for Full-Time Students

The Government of Canada has made this grant available to low and middle-income students who are in school full-time. If you are going to school part-time, see grant for part-time students.

For the 2020 to 2021 school year, you could receive up to $6,000 or up to $750 per month of study. The school year runs from August 1 of the current year to July 31 of the next year. You can receive this grant for each year of your undergraduate studies as long as you are still in school full-time.

See details here.

Canada Student Grant for Students with Permanent Disabilities

For the 2020 to 2021 school year, you could receive $4,000. You can get this grant for each year of your studies as long as you still qualify. The school year runs from August 1 of the current year to July 31 of the next year.

If you qualify, and have an assessed need of $1,400, you will still receive the $4,000 grant. In this case, the grant would cover your assessed need, so you would not need a student loan.

See details & ongoing updates here.

Support for Indigenous students

The Government of Canada is providing financial support to First Nations, Inuit and Métis Nation post-secondary students. See details & ongoing updates here.

Additional support from the Government of Canada

See tips for working remotely

Many organizations are shifting to remote work arrangements in response to COVID-19, including setting up student employees to work from home.

We recognize that working remotely is new for many students and that you might not know what to expect. We've put together some tips to support you (you can see more here). Employers can see tips for supporting students working remotely.

1) Make sure you have the necessary tools to do your job from home

Check with your employer to make sure you have the proper technology to do your daily work. This will include:

  • appropriate computer hardware
  • appropriate software
  • VPN access to the appropriate shared servers - and how to set this up
  • Setting up and testing teleconference and videoconference tools that your organization is using to stay in touch

In addition, make sure that you have:

  • strong, reliable WiFi – connect with your employer about your WiFi to ensure it will allow your to connect with your team
  • access to appropriate policy or training documents
  • an understanding of your organization's security protocols around accessing/sharing files

Resources to support this:

2) Be clear about your organization's work-from-home expectations

Working from home presents unique challenges. You are likely to be sharing the space with friends or family members and may not have a private office space. Remote work can impact work flow and productivity so be clear about what's expected, including:

  • your regular work hours with your supervisor
  • if and how you should track your hours
  • how your supervisor will communicate with you, including what tools to use (email, teleconference or videoconference tools, phone, etc.) and the expected response rate
  • how productivity may be affected
  • your work goals and deadlines
  • expectations around availability
  • how review and approval process may have been adjusted during this time
  • how you should report on your progress and share information with the team

Resources to support this:

3) Shift into a work-from-home routine

Here are some tips to help you work from home effectively:

  • set up a space in your home where you can create a work from home routine
  • remove distractions, where possible
  • get changed out of your pyjamas and into work clothes to mentally get ready to be at work
  • organize a desk space, even if you’re working at your kitchen table
  • take scheduled coffee and lunch breaks – get some fresh air, connect with friends remotely and make time for yourself
  • connect with your co-workers regularly by email and other means
  • resist the temptation to work beyond set business hours so that you have boundaries between your work day and personal time
  • use project management skills to keep on top of your tasks
  • break big projects into smaller, achievable goals
  • at the end of the day, create a to-do list for the next day of work

Resources to support this:

4) Communicate clearly and regularly with your supervisor

As organizations continue to adapt in response to COVID-19, it's important to keep in touch with your team. Ask your supervisor to share information about:

  • changing protocols, processes and guidelines
  • relevant updates from your organization
  • what is expected of you during this time
  • who you should contact if you have questions or need support

Resources to support this:

5) Stay connected

Working remotely during COVID-19 can be isolating, especially if you live alone. Here are a few ways to stay connected:

  • Ask your supervisor to schedule short daily video conference check-ins. These check-ins can be both social and productive and are a great way to boost morale.
  • Set up daily check-ins with other co-op students working at your organization through video conference or chat
  • Create a Slack channel with fellow students
  • Follow along on updates from other UVic students on the MyUVicLife blog
  • Access online resources

Resources to support this:

Explore job posting sites

We've compiled a list of popular job posting sites to help you get started. Explore these sites to find a wide range of work opportunities. 

Opportunities may be impacted by COVID 19 and may change or be removed as the situation develops. Co-op and Career is not vetting individual posting sites or opportunities. We encourage you to connect with organizations directly to keep in the loop. 

Employers across all sectors have been impacted by COVID-19, and this has changed the range of opportunities that are being posted.

Some sectors are actively hiring. Here are some curated lists that may be helpful if you're looking for positions in Victoria and Vancouver. We'll add other lists as we gather them. Remember that you can always connect with your career educator to chat about the experience and skills you can gain from these opportunities, and how they fit into your overall career goals.

NOTE: Opportunities may be impacted by COVID 19 and may change or be removed as the situation develops. Co-op and Career is not vetting individual posting sites or opportunities. We encourage you to connect with organizations directly to keep in the loop.

Know what area you want to work in? See the industry-specific job postings tab for tons more employer ideas, including more employers for tourism, parks and recreation.

Opportunities may be impacted by COVID 19 and may change or be removed as the situation develops. Co-op and Career is not vetting individual posting sites or opportunities. We encourage you to connect with organizations directly to keep in the loop.

Parks/rec, camps and outdoor

***Pop up windows for each job description/posting? Sub accordions? Tabs?
Fitness Instructor (Continuing) - Vikes Athletics & Recreation
  • Location: Victoria, BC
  • Closing date: Unspecified
  • Job posted here


A successful candidate would provide direct delivery in the studio with a focus on building and facilitating member relationships.  They would ensure outstanding programs and service are provided in a warm, friendly, clean, and safe environment.  We are looking for enthusiastic individuals that participate on a staff team that is collaborative and supportive, and work with colleagues to ensure excellence in programs and customer service is achieved.

We are looking for instructors for all types of Fitness Classes, including:

  • All types of Yoga
  • Pilates
  • TRX
  • Group Fitness
  • Spin
  • High Intensity Training


  • Current Group Fitness Certification which meets Canfitpro guidelines (if applicable)
  • Current First Aid and CPR-C certification
  • Excellent verbal communication and leadership skills
  • Well-developed interpersonal, and relationship building skills
  • Good organizational skills & prompt responses to written communication

Tourism and hospitality

Banquet Manager - Oak Bay Beach Hotel

The Oak Bay Beach Hotel has recently been named one of the Top 8 Hotels in Canada in TripAdvisor's Travellers Choice Awards, and our Dinner Theatre program, as well as the many other events we hold in the David Foster Foundation Theatre and our other meeting and event spaces are becoming known as a signature experience.

We are looking for a Banquet Manager who is passionate about providing memorable guest experiences. If this sounds like you, we would love to meet you!

Position Responsibilities and Accountabilities

Reporting to the Director of Food & Beverage, the responsibilities of this position include:
* Embrace all Oak Bay Beach Hotel Food and Beverage Standards and our Core Values.
* Provide leadership support to the Food & Beverage management team
* Demonstrate strong leadership, team, and communication skills.
* Embrace all opportunities to promote and enhance the Banquet experience.
* Deal with customer inquiries and issues during and after banquet functions.
* Provide ongoing training, coaching, motivating and supervise staff to ensure optimal service.
* Exceed the expectations of all guests (both internal and external) through empowerment and by responding attentively, efficiently, and politely to all requests.
* Help create a positive work environment through teamwork and cooperation with all colleagues.
* Actively participate in weekly departmental communication meetings.
* Contribute to a healthy and safe work environment by reporting all safety hazards.
* Flexible and a willingness to perform line functions, when required.
* All other duties as assigned that will assist and support the mandate of the Hotel and its ongoing success
* Evening and weekend work is required

Resumes and cover letters can be submitted by sending an email to or can be dropped off in person at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel on Tuesdays between 11am - 1pm. All applicants must complete an application form which can be downloaded here:

Arts, culture and communications

Summer Community Services Assistant (Junior Leader) - City of Surrey
  • Location: Surrey, BC
  • Closing date: Unspecified
  • Job posted here


Community Services Assistants I (Junior Leaders) will be responsible for visitor services, conducting site tours, demonstrations, instructing children in heritage Summer Day Camps, assisting with researching crafts, games and activities, interpreting local history and assisting with special events and program preparation and delivery.


Students seeking summer employment with the City of Surrey must currently be full-time students (September 2014 - April 2015) and planning to return to full-time studies in the fall of 2015.

The successful CSA I Junior Leader applicants will have previous experience working with children and delivering programs to pre-school, child or youth audiences and experience in a heritage facility setting. Students enrolled in Museum Studies, Archival Studies, History, Anthropology, Archaeology or Education will be suited to these positions. A current Emergency First Aid and CPR certificates are required. In addition, consent for disclosure of criminal record information is required.

Completion of Grade 12 supplemented by some relevant experience or an equivalent acceptable combination of training and experience is required.

Outreach, service and sales

Non-Profit Fundraiser – Public Outreach 
  • Location: Victoria, BC
  • Salary: $13/hour
  • Closing date: ASAP (unspecified)
  • Job posted here

If you've ever done any volunteering, or even considered it, you understand the desire to give something back. The ideal work-life combines challenge, reward, and positive space all at the same time. This is the environment we've tried to create at Public Outreach. We specialize in face-to-face fundraising for a variety of hand-picked organizations that we really believe in. These organizations are working to make the world a better place, and by extension, so are you by fundraising for them. Direct fundraising is the most effective way to really engage people one-on-one on important global issues, whether it's female empowerment, illiteracy, access to health care, or ensuring basic human rights.

Job responsibilities

We've found that one-on-one engagement is a very personalized and cost-effective way to fundraise! As a Fundraiser you will fundraise outdoors in the beautiful residential areas of Victoria. You will be responsible for engaging with members of the public, raising awareness and welcoming new members for the charities we represent.

  • Raising awareness of the organization's work, goals and financial needs
  • Gathering life-saving monetary donations for an organization
  • Developing strategies to encourage new or increased engagement

Job requirements

This dynamic role is a unique combination of sales, marketing and public relations, however, it is not commission-based because of our core values of honesty and respect. We are looking for outgoing, passionate and hardworking individuals that share our values and are excited about helping non-profits.

  • Strong communication/interpersonal skills
  • Socially conscious
  • Passionate
  • Enjoys the outdoors
  • Exceptional team player
  • Independently motivated
  • Ability to work 3 to 5 full days per week from 12:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Summer-specific job postings

  • Co-op and Career job portal (type "summer" in job keyword search)
  • BC Ferries
  • BC SPCA 
  • Calgary Stampede
  • Elections BC
  • GoToHR (BC tourism and hospitality)
  • Government of Canada Federal Student Work Experience Program
  • Government of Canada Job Bank
  • Grouse Mountain – Vancouver
  • Horne Lake Caves
  • Hotel Grand Pacific – Victoria
  • RLC Park Services
  • Student Works Painting
  • TalentEgg - Student Jobs, Internships, Summer Jobs
  • University of Victoria - UVic Careers
  • Vector Marketing

Explore the following job posting sites for industry-specific job opportunities. Opportunities may be impacted by COVID 19 and may change or be removed as the situation develops.

Co-op and Career is not vetting individual posting sites or opportunities. We encourage you to connect with organizations directly to keep in the loop.

Accounting and auditing

Agriculture, forestry and fisheries

Arts and culture

Business and administration

Communications, public relations and marketing directories

Community and social services


Education (K-12)

Education (post-secondary)

Engineering and information technology

Environmental and life sciences

Finance, banking and insurance

Banks and credit unions

Insurance Companies


  • (links to federal, provincial and municipal job posting sites across Canada)






Hospitality and tourism

Manufacturing, fashion and construction

Mining, oil and gas

Recreation centres and facilities

Sales and service



Check out our volunteer resources page for tons of information and volunteer opportunities, or check out posting sites below. Opportunities may be impacted by COVID 19 and may change or be removed as the situation develops.

Co-op and Career is not vetting individual posting sites or opportunities. We encourage you to connect with organizations directly to keep in the loop.

Opportunities at UVic

There are tons of opportunities to volunteer right here on campus. Here are some popular options:

Opportunities posted on Learning in Motion

Many organizations post volunteer opportunities on LearninginMotion. To log in to the portal and see these postings, simply sign up for a free student or alumni account using your Netlink ID.

Opportunities in Canada

Check out these external directories to make a connection that’s right for you.

  • Volunteer Victoria: The primary recruitment and referral centre for the Greater Victoria Region. It can connect you with over 600 volunteer opportunities through its online database. Plus it provides individualized placement support to young people aged 15 to 29.
  • Canadian Volunteer Directory: Managed by, this resource is organized by category, city, town, county and province. The volunteer database is made up of over 4,000 categorized non-profit organizations and agencies from over 500 locations across Canada.
  • GoVolunteer: Lists volunteer opportunities with over 1,500 organizations in BC and Alberta.
  • Charity Village: A centralized site where the Canadian non-profit sector posts volunteer opportunities, resources and more.

International opportunities

Please see UVic's COVID-19 website for information about how COVID is impacting international travel.

Here is a short selection of volunteer service organizations - check out our volunteer page for questions to ask yourself when seeking international volunteer experience.

  • Latitude Global Volunteering: Latitude has operated in the field of international volunteering for over 40 years.  It places and supports student volunteers around the world.
  • GoAbroad: This US-based site provides a comprehensive international education and volunteering database.
  • International Volunteer Directory: Created by the staff of Experiential Learning International (ELI), this US not-for-profit organization specializes in international volunteer programs. The site provides excellent advice and information about volunteering abroad and provides a listing of ELI opportunities. 
  • CrossContinental Solutions: Offers flexible intern and volunteer abroad programs in Africa, Asia and Latin America with meals, accommodation, on-site support hotline and more.
  • uVolunteer: An international volunteer abroad program that works with NGOs, governments, grassroots organizations and private partners to offer volunteer projects.