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Jamil Bhimji

UVic commerce co-op student Jamil Bhimji made an impact at BinBreeze, a Victoria-based company that is changing the future of composting food waste.


A student leans against a brick wall. He is holding a box of BinBreeze.

Launched in 2019 by UVic MBA graduate Taylor McCarten, BinBreeze helps consumers dispose of food waste responsible without the pesky fruit flies or odours.

Their product is made using industrial wood waste and unique BC minerals that act as a 'kitty litter' for food waste, reducing the methane emissions of the waste and enriching the soil.

Learning outcomes

Jamil helped BinBreeze enhance its marketing efforts by identifying municipalities who focus on composting, as well as contributing to the company's administration and sales.

Impact of co-op

 "Hiring co-op students like Jamil gives us an opportunity to shape their development and inspire their imagination," says McCarten. "The co-op students from UVic are invaluable for their can-do attitude, willingness to learn and incredible technological literacy."