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Anahita Ranjbar

Art history and visual students co-op student makes an impact at Winchester Galleries 


Three people stand on a curved staircase in an art gallery. The person in the centre is co-op student Anahita Ranjbar.

UVic art history and visual studies student Anahita Ranjbar (centre) applied her academic knowledge to the professional art market. As a gallery specialist, the co-op student was responsible for curating, documenting and advertising exhibitions.

Work term

Although her supervisors, Linda Hensellek (pictured, left) and Jeff Dean (pictured, right), had never hired a co-op student before, it didn’t take long for them to see the benefits in action.

“This opportunity offered us a collaboration with a young and academically experienced individual,” Linda says. “The gallery has benefited immensely from her art history knowledge, technical skills and the new perspective she brings to our projects.”

Learning outcomes

Anahita, an international student from Iran, is grateful for the experience Winchester Galleries has given her. “I learned a lot about Canadian art history, different approaches to art in Canadian culture and the role of artists in Canadian society,” she says.

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