Milestones and next steps

As of June 2015, a number of project goals have been addressed already, including:

  • Creation of a Campus Communications Advisory Committee, chaired by the Manager of Internal Communications in University Communications + Marketing and with membership from a range of areas including: the offices of the Vice-Presidents Academic, and Finance and Operations, Human Resources, faculty, non-academic administrators, service/operations, and undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Establishment of the Campus Checklist biweekly email newsletter including a wide range of items of interest to faculty and staff.
  • Expansion of the campus-wide digital signage system to 53 screens.
  • Distribution of a campus-wide communications needs survey for faculty and staff. The survey, conducted in December 2014, resulted in a report prepared and submitted by the consultant in March.
  • Executive regularizing the Campus Update sessions: 3-4 sessions yearly from the President / VPs focused on strategic priorities, policy updates, budget initiatives, etc.

Next steps

Based on the survey findings, conclusions and desired outcomes, the vice-presidents are now working with staff and faculty in their portfolios on how best to strengthen communications, keeping in mind specific needs and opportunities in their respective areas. President Cassels and the vice presidents are also looking at how to coordinate these efforts across the institution and will be reporting back regularly on progress to the campus community.

At the same time, UC+M will be working on key activities that fall under its mandate, including:

  • identifying a small set of "official" communications channels and, through discussion and consultation, developing a clear role and user guidelines for each;
  • exploring technology and electronic means to enhance 2-way communications within and between departments/units/areas, as well as between faculty/staff, academic and administrative leaders and executive; and
  • using the survey analysis and subsequent consultations to develop a campus communications strategy to assist the university in strengthening internal communications on campus over the next 2-3 years.

This year will also see other internal communications activities such as:

  • Continued implementation of the UVic Edge branding program at the unit level, including identifying opportunities for departments/units to bring the UVic Edge to life in their areas;
  • Creation of an inventory of principles, best practices and practical approaches to internal communications for ongoing use by unit heads and managers.