Campus Communications Project

Effective internal communications are an important part of the UVic's extraordinary academic environment, supporting effective operations as well our collegial and inclusive campus atmosphere.

UVic President Jamie Cassels' Jan. 2014 Campus Conversations report reaffirmed the value of good internal communications, and stressed a key part of the UVic Strategic Plan—that people are the university's strength and the key to success. "UVic's culture of respect, inclusion and collaboration is one of its greatest strengths and I believe that we must work together to sustain and build on that," he says. "It is important for everyone who works at the university to know that they are a valued part of a shared enterprise."

Strengthening internal communications at UVic

In April 2014 the university initiated the Campus Communications Project to help strengthen communications and engagement within the university. Led by University Communications + Marketing (UC+M) and assisted by a committee with broad representation from administrative and academic units, the project drew on Cassels' report to make a number of service improvements (e.g. the biweekly Campus Checklist email newsletter initiated in September 2014). Findings from the December 2014 survey of faculty and staff—conducted by Strategic Initiatives, Inc., a local market research firm with strong knowledge of the UVic community—are directing future efforts to achieving five core outcomes across the UVic campus:

  1. a stronger sense of community and shared purpose
  2. enhanced transparency and accountability
  3. enhanced dialogue and engagement
  4. improved clarity on and support for roles and responsibilities, and
  5. higher level of overall satisfaction with and effectiveness of internal communications.

"Effective communications are essential to meet emerging challenges, to support change, and to maintain the sense of shared enterprise that is critical to organizational success and personal satisfaction,” explains Cassels.