Video coordination

Video gives UVic an exciting opportunity to share its distinctive characteristics and increase its connection with our primary audiences. UVic Communications + Marketing has a central role in video strategy and production on campus, through the Video Co-ordinator, who guides and champions campus wide video production. 

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High-impact videos

Strategic, high production value videos which highlight our research strengths, dynamic learning and/or our extraordinary academic environment tell the UVic story. These videos can be factual or persuasive. They are produced by contractors in partnership with the involved units.

See more videos from the Strategic Videos playlist on YouTube.

Social media snippets

Informative videos, 30-60 seconds in length, with overlaid text is a recent trend in video—particularly for social media like Facebook and Twitter. Since audio is muted about 70 per cent of the time videos are viewed on Facebook, overlaid text is a way of delivering your message in spite of this restriction. These videos can be shot and edited with a smartphone, making them easy and quick to produce.

See more videos from the Social Media Snippets playlist on YouTube.

Smart phone videos

Technology has made great strides in the past few years, replacing video cameras and computers in video production. Shoot slow motion and timelapsed clips; edit and share your video right in your phone without touching a computer.

See more videos from the Smart Phone Videos playlist on YouTube.