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We recommend a subject release be filled out when using a person's image or voice in photography and video for communications and marketing purposes. As a general rule, if you are photographing or taking video of a single person or a small group of people that are identifiable, you should have them sign a release form.

Video bumpers and YouTube end screen

The UVic Edge Brand Guidelines websites contains information about using UVic's official video bumpers and end screen.

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Additional resources

Visit the UVic video blog for more resources and tips related to video equipment, shooting video, sourcing music and photos, storytelling, and much more.

Prepping for a shoot

September 11, 2019
Thank you!Thanks for being a model for UVic promotional purposes!We’re sure you have some questions on what to wear and what to expect.What should I wear?Tidy casual clothing is best. For example, unripped jeans, slim fitting t-shirt, slim fitting long sleeved...
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Creating an Instagram story

January 16, 2018
As part of a social media campaign to encourage entries for my video contest (Research Reels), I created an Instagram Story. As this is new territory for me, I consulted with UVic’s social media wiz, Jes Scott, who gave mea tonne of advice on how students...
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Gear recommendations

September 26, 2017
Advice from a professional videographer on the best equipment from beginner to advanced.BeginnerIf you’ve never shot video before and want a good still camera to boot with lots of zoom flexibility, try the Sony RX100. $450 USIntermediateA lightweight but...
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