UVic Speakers Bureau 2018/19

Matt Miller next to a microscope in a lab

Ocean acidification and its impact

Matt Miller, a graduate student in the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, is available to speak on: "Ocean Acidification Around Vancouver Island, and its Potential Impact on Pteropods."

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Denae Dyck reading a book in the UVic library

Victorian poetry

Denae Dyck, a graduate student in the Department of English, is available to speak on: "Faith, Doubt, and Spiritual Searching in Victorian Poetry."

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Heather Buckley collecting a water sample at a stream in Mystic Vale

A path to safer, healthier communities

Heather Buckley, Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering, is available to speak on: "Green Chemistry as a Path to Safer, Healthier Communities."

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Nav Bassi in his office next to a computer

How to spot a phishing email

Nav Bassi, a director in University Systems, is available to speak on: "How to Spot and Avoid Phishing Emails."

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What is the UVic Speakers Bureau?

The UVic Speakers Bureau is a community service provided by volunteer speakers from among the faculty, staff, graduate students and retirees who teach, conduct research, study and work at the University of Victoria.

Through the bureau, experts and knowledgeable individuals from UVic make themselves available to speak to community groups, schools, clubs and other organizations throughout Greater Victoria and southern Vancouver Island. The service is free (although travel expenses may be requested to some locations).

UVic is known for its strengths in the arts and sciences and selected professions. Areas of note are:

  • ocean science and technology;
  • environment, climate and energy;
  • Indigenous research;
  • global studies and social justice;
  • health and life sciences;
  • creativity and culture;
  • data science and cyber physical systems; and
  • physical sciences and engineering, mathematics and computer science.

These and many other fascinating areas of expertise are represented among the 501 topics offered this year by Speakers Bureau members.

The 2017-18 Speakers Bureau season set several new records, and surpassed last year's record-setting pace by booking 602 talks—reaching an audience of 19,000 people. In the last five years, bureau volunteers have increased the number of talks given to K-12 students by 64 per cent, making school groups the single largest audience category for the bureau.

Sharing a world of ideas

President Jamie Cassels
Prof. Jamie Cassels

The UVic Speakers Bureau invites you to deepen your knowledge and engagement with the world by hosting a talk by one of the faculty, staff, graduate students and retirees of the University of Victoria.

For 37 years, the volunteer speakers of the UVic Speakers Bureau have shared their expertise with audiences across southern Vancouver Island.

Every one of our volunteers shares a strong commitment to contributing to the intellectual, social and cultural development of our region. They are our ambassadors for the UVic Edge—the unique combination of hands-on learning, vital impact and extraordinary academic environment that has made UVic a world-leading university.

The UVic Speakers Bureau is the only university-wide bureau of its kind in Canada. That's a powerful statement about our commitment to community engagement and to lifetime learning for everyone. Ideas exchanged at each talk flows back to our classrooms, labs and field schools, further enriching the student experience.

Last year, Speakers Bureau volunteers gave 602 presentations to schools, seniors groups, service clubs, business associations and community centres—reaching more than 19,000 community members across southern Vancouver Island.

This year, 185 new topics have been added, reflecting the extraordinary breadth of scholarship at UVic, as well as the enthusiasm of our volunteers to share the issues that matter to people, places and the planet.

Make this breadth of knowledge yours and join us at the UVic Edge by booking a volunteer through UVic's Speakers Bureau.

Jamie Cassels, QC
President and Vice-Chancellor