Facilities Management Service Building

The new service building, approximately 533 m2 in size is located north of Saunders building. It will require the deconstruction of two older greenhouse structures. The building will house a vehicle repair shop, a fabrication and welding shop as well as grounds maintenance support space. These units are currently located in the two main FMGT shop buildings. Relocating these units out of these buildings will allow for the internal expansion of the existing trade shops. The remaining space will accommodate the relocation of the shop storage space currently located in Q Hut. The project cost is estimated at $2.8M.

Jenson Chernoff Thompson Architects have been retained by the university to develop the plans for the new structure and have initiated preliminary work on the design drawings in consultation with FMGT. The project has been targeted to meet the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) system gold certification level. A LEED consultant has been retained to guide the certification process.

Standard permit approvals for the project from the District of Saanich will be required. Two Garry Oak trees at the west side of the building site may be need to be removed, along with a Douglas Fir on the north side. A landscaping plan will provide for their replacement at the 3 to 1 campus standard, along with other landscaping considerations for the project that address the District’s requirements. As the new building impacts the current parking arrangements it will also need to be a factor that is addressed as part of the development approval process. A net total of 10 new parking spaces will be n be provided for the project. These new spaces will be constructed in gravel yard in front of Q Hut which is located in the proximity.


FMGT building map

A program of requirements, which outlines the building spaces, uses and services, has been completed. It, along with a schematic design for the new structure, were recommended for approval by the Campus Planning Committee (CPC) at their June 6th meeting. The CPC reports, which address the siting, program and design for the project, are available here:
Siting of a New Facilities Management Services Building Report

Program of Requirements and Schematic Design for the Facilities Management Services Building

Schematic Design


Engagement Approach

The Community Engagement Framework report provides for a consistent methodology to be used to determine the overall approach to an engagement program for campus land use planning and development projects. An engagement approach, primarily in the inform category has been determined for this project, based on its location, the nature of the project relative to the criteria listed and a review of the likely impacts.

Project information will be provided to assist in keeping interested parties on campus and in the neighbourhood, up to date as project development progresses.


Construction of the new building is targeted to commence in November 2016.  The removal of the older greenhouse structures, which are no longer utilized, was initiated in August with their purchase, deconstruction  and relocation for use on Salt Spring Island. More information on how they are to be reused is available at: http://www.uvic.ca/sustainability/resources/featured-stories/greenhouse/index.php

For more information:

Contact 250-472-5433 or planning@uvic.ca