Campus Bike Centre


Campus Bike Centre

CAMPUS BIKE CENTRE GRAND OPENING - November 19, 2013:  12:00 to 1:00 pm

The new UVic Campus Bike Centre is open to serve the campus cycling community!  The centre provides covered bike parking for 234 bikes (horizontal and vertical racks, plus bike lockers), equipment lockers, benches and an expanded, renovated space for the SPOKES bicycle program.  Racks are free for everyone to use, and lockers available for rent on a semester by semester basis ($40 for bike lockers and $10 for equipment) by contacting Campus Security.  The centre is located at the west end of the University Centre underground parkade (formerly occupied by 28 vehicle parking spots), with the entrance off the service road between the University Centre and Business and Economics buildings. 

The Campus Bike Centre project advances cycling as a campus transportation option.  It provides cyclists with secure and sheltered bike parking space, lockers and other amenities in part of the current parkade space at the west side of the lower level of the University Centre building.  There is a high demand for covered bicycle parking in a central and convenient location on campus and it will complement the existing bike shelters, racks, lockers and other cycling infrastructure that support cyclists at the university.

The Centre will be an attractive, safe and comfortable area for cyclists with improvements to the lighting, painting of the walls and adjusting the circulation and access arrangements to facilitate its use by cyclists.  Signage and adjustments to the stairwell that accesses the space from the adjacent multiuse pathway are also included, along with enhancements to the space that SPOKES currently has for their operations.  The project will provide a major increase in the amount of secure and sheltered bike parking available on campus, which cyclists have identified as a key deficiency and disincentive for cycling, particularly during the winter months.  Space is available in the Centre to provide over 50 bike lockers, 100 clothing lockers and parking for over 150 bikes with different rack and storage systems.  Utilizing existing building space is cost effective as the construction of multiple new all weather bike shelters across campus would involve significant costs and challenges in finding suitable locations.  The Campus Bike Centre has been designated as a university 50th Anniversary legacy project that will celebrate and advance UVic's interests in cycling and sustainable transportation into the future.  Click here to view the site plan or the floor plan for the project.

Engagement approach

The Community Engagement Framework report provides for a consistent methodology to be used to determine the overall approach to an engagement program for a new capital project.

An engagement approach in the inform category has been determined for this project, based on the assessment of the potential impacts of the Campus Bike Centre.

Table 4.1 - Engagement Approach Criteria - The project has been assessed using Table 4.1 (see green highlighting).

Development Variance Permit Application

A development variance permit application has been made to the District of Saanich as the project will displace 28 parking stalls from the parkade, which currently has space for 70 vehicles.  The University Centre parkade is less actively used in comparison to other parking areas on campus that are outside of the Ring road.  Permits are required 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and the annual parking fees are the highest on campus.  It receives the most active use during times when there are events held in the Farquhar Auditorium which are often in the evening or weekends, when parking spaces are more readily available on campus.  Various other alternative parking lots in the vicinity also accommodate the parking demands of patrons of auditorium events.  The 42 parking spaces that will remain in the parkade in conjunction with the bike centre will assist in meeting the parking needs of people who require direct access to the facility or are looking for short term parking.  It is anticipated that the overall university parking system and the convenience to people who park on campus will not be adversely impacted by the displacement of the 28 parking stalls in the University Centre parkade.

The variance application process by the Saanich Planning Department involves several statutory steps, including notification to the public.  Further information is available at the Saanich website:


The development variance permit for the project was approved by Saanich Council on June 10, 2013 with the issuance of Development Variance Permit No. VCP0035.  Construction commenced on July 2nd, with completion targeted for September.  Due to delays in construction and equipment sourcing, the project is scheduled to be finished by mid-November.

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