Cedar Hill Corner property management plan

Cedar HIll Corner
Cedar Hill Corner

Project information 

The 2010 Cedar Hill Corner Management Plan addresses the use of the undeveloped parcel (formerly known as the CJVI lands) located at the south east corner of the campus. 

The overall direction framing the management plan was set out in the 2003 Campus Plan, designating the parcel as the primary area reserved for the future development of the university. Land use management principles, directions and actions form the key part of the plan. The management plan will assist in guiding decisions on the ongoing use of the Cedar Hill Corner parcel. 

The key plan actions provide for some limited property encroachment issues and improved signage. Consideration of new uses will be undertaken as part of a proposal specific evaluation that would be reviewed by, and would require a recommendation and approval from the Campus Planning Committee

The plan will be periodically reviewed and updated as necessary, in order to ensure that it remains an effective guide for decision making on campus land use, and is consistent with the direction provided in the Campus Plan. The 2016 Campus Plan designates the Cedar Hill Corner property as an outlying lands where the priorities are to retain flexibility in use and undertake separate planning processes prior to any new land use changes or development.