Alan Astbury Memorial Symposium

Nobel prize winner

Prof. Carlo Rubbia, Nobel prize winner and spokesperson of UA-1 with Prof. Alan Astbury, co-spokesperson.


Radio-frequency quadropole accelerating structure of the ISAC facility at TRIUMF.

Hadronic end cap

Hadronic end cap calometer module being prepared for the ATLAS experiment.

Celebrating retirement

Drs. Michel Lefebvre, Alan Astbury and Richard Keeler at the celebration of Alan's retirement as Director of TRIUMF.


Accelerating structure of the drift tube linac at the ISAC facility at TRIUMF.

UA-1 events

Alan Astbury with Richard Keeler (standing) and Ken Warkentyne sitting looking at UA-1 events on an Appolo computer system.

The Alan Astbury Memorial Symposium

A two-day symposium was held in honour of Alan Astbury and focused on his professional interests during his career. Topics included physics at the high-energy frontier, and the production of isotopes for nuclear physics and medicine.

Dates and location

April 27 and 28, 2015 at the University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Inaugural Public Lecture

Prof. Rolf Heuer, the Director General of the international CERN laboratory, gave a public lecture at the University. 

The webcast recording of the CERN Public Lecture.

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Astbury profile
Alan Astbury (1934-2014)