Sustainable futures

UVic has become a global leader in social, environmental and institutional sustainability through research, partnerships and campus policies.

UVic student Devesh Bharadwaj at Sandcut Beach, BC

Storing energy by mixing salt and fresh water

Places where saltwater and freshwater mix could well become natural batteries for electricity—an innovative complement to intermittent energy sources such as solar, wind and wave power. Entrepreneur and mechanical engineer Devesh Bharadwaj was still a UVic undergraduate when he founded Pani Energy Inc. with the support of UVic’s business incubator, Coast Capital Savings Innovation Centre, to develop technologies for fresh water and clean energy.

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UVic student Paige Whitehead with her light wand

A glowing solution to festival litter

UVic undergraduate Paige Whitehead saw opportunity where others merely saw rubbish: in discarded glow sticks at music festivals. Whitehead developed a prototype light wand lit by bioluminescence, inside a seaweed-based casing that not only dissolves harmlessly wherever it’s discarded, but actually improves the soil. Whitehead’s fledgling company, Nyoka Design, is getting support from UVic’s Coast Capital Savings Innovation Centre, an on-campus business incubator.

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Group of Gustavson students

Gustavson achieves carbon neutrality for frequent air travel

As a way to offset the frequent airplane travel that comes with being an internationally focused business school, the Gustavson School of Business at UVic is going carbon neutral—believed to be the first business school in the world to do so.

Gustavson is investing in three carbon offset projects that will improve living conditions in communities in Uganda, Honduras and Thailand, and two environmental projects in BC.

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Ocean Networks Canada leads the world in ocean observatory science and technology through its presence in all three of Canada's oceans.

UVic hosts and leads the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, which conducts actionable research on the social, economic and physical impacts of proposed solutions to climate change.

UVic is a top 100 green employer, ninth in North America, in the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS) for doctoral institutions.

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