Benjamin Lyseng by power lines

The Edge is here

UVic leads the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions' 2060 Project, where researchers like Benjamin Lyseng examine electrical grid integration options—including wind, wave, solar and biomass sources—to create a future of clean, sustainable energy systems for Canadians.

Kayaking the gulf islands during a field school

Interconnected and ever-evolving

Here, every student is immersed in dynamic learning fuelled by research-inspired insights and hands-on experiences—a powerful blend of career-relevant expertise and personal growth.

Dynamic learning
ONC researchers monitoring in a lab

Issues that matter to people, places and the planet

Sustainability, healthy societies, social justice, jobs and a strong economy are at the core of our commitment to meaningful change.

Vital impact
Student by solar panels

Defying boundaries, discovering and innovating

Living and working in one of the world's most environmentally rich regions, we build relationships essential to a vibrant learning community.

Extraordinary environment
Theatre students during a performace

Celebrating milestones

During 2016-17, UVic's Phoenix Theatre celebrates its 50th anniversary, having grown from a volunteer-built 80‑seat theatre into Canada’s leading comprehensive theatre program.

More milestones
UVic President Jamie Cassels

The UVic Edge is the combination of dynamic learning, vital impact and an extraordinary academic environment that can't be found anywhere else.

This describes the advantage students gain by coming here; the commitment we've made to research that makes a difference; and the special characteristics of our academic community.

— UVic President Jamie Cassels