music survey

Music that makes you remember UVic days

The Alumni Snap Survey for the spring 2017 edition of the UVic Torch Alumni Magazine generated a Wurlitzer’s worth of responses about songs, bands and gigs that trigger UVic memories. What songs served as your perfect study accompaniment? The go-to track for the best parties? The song the guy in residence played over and over?

I remember Friday nights at the Red Lion and a great Victoria band called the Pharoahs. I studied to Simon & Garfunkel. Good memories! – Shirley Martin, BA ’73

“Heat of the Moment” by Asia. The first song that came on my car radio as I drove up to Ring Road the first day of undergrad in 1982. – Chris Alveberg, BSc ’85, LLB ’88

Spirit of the West in the Cadboro Commons cafeteria in the mid-'90s. Since we were living in residence, it was right on our doorstep! – Anonymous

"Kids" by MGMT played at every soccer game at Centennial Stadium in my first term. Always associate it with (awesome) first days at school! – Alexander Kurial, BA ’14

Fleetwood Mac reflected the time and place in life that I/we were. Their lyrics and music were deep and reflective, mysterious at times (or) simply goofy and fun. They mark a fond time in my relationship with my now-husband. – Pauline Johnson, BSW ’80

XTC at the Farquhar Auditorium, March 2, 1980, touring in support of "Drums and Wires." – Kevin Wright, BA ’82

It was great to pogo to DOA and just go crazy. – James Tirrul-Jones, BA ’79

The night Valdy and Mario Martinelli were at Jampot (the SUB coffee house) and spent the night trying to upstage one another. What great performers! – Pattie Whitehouse, BSc ’72

I found a recording of Respighi's “Ancient Airs and Dances” and played that sucker until I wore out the grooves. – Gabriole Wilson, BFA ’86

Prince in December 2011. I was so completely mesmerized, inspired and blown away. It was the greatest show I’ve ever seen. – Anonymous

U2 epitomized my questioning faith of that time, my desire to take action for human rights, and sometimes just to rock out. I still live by “In the Name of Love.” – Catherine Novak, BA ’85

Cannonball Adderley Sextet at the Victoria College Young Building in 1962. – Bill Hubbard, BA ’65

Tom Waits and Leon Redbone. I listened to them all the time, especially when stoned. In 1978 they played together on a bill at the (then new) University Centre Auditorium.  An incredible performance. – Kevin Paul, MA ’89

"Big Log" by Robert Plant was an eerily atmospheric song that evoked images of a solitary night-time drive along a dark and seemingly-endless road.  Perfect for late-night studying! – Neil Stubbs, MA ’92

A hootenanny in the (really) Old Gym featured Ian and Sylvia Tyson. Not a big western fan, but they played some great music and it was really jumping! – Jack Miller, MEd ’86

One morning when getting ready to ride my bike up to UVic, Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” came on. Music became grungy and got my creative juices flowing. – John Runions, PhD ’97

John Lee Hooker at a small club on lower Johnson around 1980 was a highlight. An inspiring break from biology studies that I have never regretted. – Ed Dobyns, BSc ’82

Tragically Hip was the soundtrack for my UVic days. When I took running breaks from studying, the songs from Fully, Completely helped to inspire my runs, especially up the hills! – Carolynn Smallwood, MA ’96

Steely Dan’s “Reelin' in the Years.” Floor parties in the purple lounge in Craigdarroch residence. – Howard Robertson, BSc ’81

Money for Nothing.” In first year in Res, someone was playing this song blaringly loud. That opening, the way it builds and builds was very exciting. – Krista Wallace, BFA ’89

Nirvana. I remember clearly that I was in a geography class in ’94 when the news spread that (Kurt Cobain) died. – James Davison, BSc ’98

The year I was in Res a very small and half-shaved headed music producer was pioneering the sound of North American dubstep and the song that would screech out of packed and sweaty dorm rooms on a daily basis was none other than "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" by Skrillex – N. Campbell BSc ’15

Etta James...because in 1989, Howie Siegel hosted a free public concert featuring her to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Pagliacci's! – Anonymous

A friend of mine had a tape from National Geographic of ancient Scottish folk songs.  There was a song in there, “Mickey’s Lament” (I think it was called) that I still remember. – Rick Schultz, BA ’88

I remember a concert put on by the university in the spring of 1985 called "A Canadian Tribute to Martin Luther King" at Farquhar Auditorium and filmed by CBC. Attendees included Dr. King's daughter Yolanda and former ambassador to Iran, Ken Taylor. – Mike Stevens, BA ’85