Network Connections

Alumni Fund Helps AIESEC
Members of AIESEC

Every year, alumni support helps hundred of students maximize their learning experience inside and outside the classroom.

This is especially true for the UVic members of AIESEC, a student-run non-profit whose goal is to offer international work experience, as well as global networking for students across the world.

Campus connections

The UVic chapter of AIESEC has grown exponentially in the past few years, and has helped students receive internships in places like Ireland, Croatia, as well as Victoria.

Last year, they received a grant of $500 towards hosting the AIESEC Coastal Conference, which brings students—mostly international students—together from UVic, UBC, SFU, and Seattle.

Learning through doing

The annual conference helps youth from across the world make connections and take responsibility for their personal and professional development. It included guest speakers, networking opportunities, and chances for new members to learn what opportunities AIESEC offers.

Organizing an entire conference was a huge learning experience for the UVic chapter members involved.

The UVic Alumni Association was one of 13 sponsors they engaged to make the event possible, and just one example of how UVic alumni can help create extraordinary opportunities for current students.

You can support clubs like AIESEC with your contribution to the UVic Alumni Fund.