Alumni Fund: Global Impact

Water brigades

More often than not, the impact of alumni support for our students extends way past campus boundaries. Your donations make a difference for UVic students, alumni and, as UVic Global Water Brigades demonstrate, even rural Honduran communities.

This past February, UVic Global Water Brigades sent 11 members to Honduras to build an 11km sustainable water system that would provide clean water to 150 homes.

Before this project, there was no water system in place for the communities, and locals had to either use contaminated wells or walk to the nearest water source multiple times a day.

Equipped to help

The club fundraised to cover the costs of the trip. The money they received from the alumni association went towards building supplies such as shovels, PVC pipes and glue.

This meant the students showed up ready to work with no cost to the local community.

While they were there, club members helped dig 75 metres of trenches and lay down 200 metres of pipe. They also spent a day in the community school, where they educated students on water and the environment.

On a rare day off, they returned to the community they helped the year before to see all the wonderful changes made possible because of that water system.

Thank you!

Your support gave these students a once-in-a-life time experience, and gave hundreds of people access to clean water.

For that, the club is very grateful: “UVic Global Water Brigades would like to thank the alumni donors for their generous support for our brigade trip down to Honduras to help bring clean, fresh water to three deserving communities.”

Help clubs like the UVic Global Water Brigades make a difference with your contribution to the UVic Alumni Fund.