Campus Alumni - Who We Are

Scavenger hunting at the campus alumni celebration lunch and presentation on the Mediterranean diet.

Getting ready for the campus alumni film screening to celebrate Alumni Week 2019!

This team prepares to play a game at the spring Campus Alumni Appie hour.

The winners from the Campus Alumni sail into summer activity display their UVic Alumni swag bags.

Striking a pose at the 2018 Campus Alumni Kick-Off event.

The campus alumni tour group stopped for a photo during their VIP tour of CARSA.

Campus alumni gathered for a group photo before they started the VIP tour of the Phoenix Theatre!

Campus Alumni Committee

Our Purpose

  1. To celebrate and acknowledge the significant number of alumni who work on campus.
  2. To instill a sense of UVic pride on campus as alumni and employees.
  3. To promote fellowship & engagement amongst the campus alumni community.

Our Goals

  1. To work closely with faculties and units to deliver alumni programming.
  2. To contribute to a positive student experience.
  3. To recognize and celebrate the achievements of alumni.


Campus Alumni Committee Members

  • Kathy Khouri, BA ‘05 
  • Lauren Stamhuis, BA ’09, MA ‘11
  • Genny Sneddon, BA ‘16
  • Veryan Angus, BSc ‘91
  • John Threlfall, BA ‘96
  • Greg Churchill, BA ‘96
  • Tristan Denniston, BA ‘13
  • Sherri Williams, BA ‘88
  • Dan Williams, BA ‘00


If you are interested in joining the Campus Alumni Committee or if you have any questions, please contact Kathy Khouri, Alumni Annual Giving Officer, at or 250-721-6247.