Sage Lacerte

Sage Lacerte
Sage Lacerte

Category: Emerging Alumni Awards

Name: Sage Lacerte 

UVic degree and year: Bachelor of Arts, 2020                            

Current hometown: Victoria, BC                                     

Birthplace: Victoria, BC/Fraser Lake, BC 

Sage Lacerte is Carrier from the Lake Babine Nation and has served as the founder and CEO of the Sage Initiative since 2019. The Sage Initiative is the first Indigenous womxn’s impact-investment collective that will generate a circular economy by facilitating the flow of capital from Indigenous womxn investors to Indigenous social enterprises. She is currently the interim co-founder at Moose Hide Campaign and stood as the National Youth Ambassador from 2018-2022. The Moose Hide Campaign is a grassroots movement of Indigenous and non-Indigenous men and boys that works to end violence against women and children in Canada, with a particular focus on post-secondary initiatives.

​Lacerte holds a degree from the University of Victoria in Gender Studies and has been informed by Indigenous knowledge from all her relations across Turtle Island and beyond.  

Q: What is a favourite book you read in the last five years and why?

SL: This year I choose to honour our collective aunty, Bell Hooks. In All About Love, Hooks has taught me that “embracing love ethic means that we utilize all dimensions of love— care, commitment, trust, responsibility, respect and knowledge—in our everyday lives.”

Love ethic is the means in which I would like to carry out my life’s work. We are all related and must treat each other as such.  

Q: What is your advice to younger people entering your line of work or who feel lost or confused about their future? 

SL: Your opinion and lived experience shape the future of our society. There is nothing more powerful than a young person who knows who they are, speaks from the heart and acts with gusto.  

Q: If your wellbeing is a chair—what are the four legs that support you? (i.e. laughter, meditation, exercise, creative pursuits.) Where do you find strength and motivation? 

SL: Rest, pursuit of knowledge, Mother Earth, celebration.  

My work at the Moose Hide Campaign and Sage Initiative seeks to have great impact on our communities and across generations. I find strength and motivation in nourishing my mind and spirit with personal challenges that prove I will always show up for myself, too. Mother Earth is abundant and provides everything we need: I turn to her for advice and encouragement.

Q: What is your favourite memory of being a student at UVic? 

SL: Being surrounded by Indigenous excellence at the First Peoples House.  

Q: What do you hope you and your work will ultimately contribute toward a better future for people and the planet? 

SL: Our hope is to disrupt and displace the current paradigm that privileges white capitalist men and re-matriate critically important roles of leadership in our communities. By centring the voices of Indigenous womxn2S, matriarchs and youth, we will replace importance back on our People and Mother Earth rather than profit.

Mussi Cho to my relatives and ancestors who have lead the way for us to follow.  


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