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Reflection and Challenge Committee Group Commitments

Mutual Interest - Appreciate our mutual interest in addressing equity, inclusion, and anti-racism action at UVic, each bringing distinct and complementary strengths to this joint initiative.

Mutual Respect - We will spend the time and effort as needed to maintain a mutually respectful, anti-racist, anti-discriminatory, and productive working relationship, including being present, on-time, and committed to the workshops and follow-up activities. Participating to our fullest ability (with a recognition that this might change person to person and meeting to meeting).

Open-Mindedness - Acknowledge that each other’s position and opinion is a foundational part of the collaboration. Recognizing the strength in our differences will guide collaboration in the committee, and we encourage each of you to be open to new ways of thinking and viewing challenges and opportunities in this space.

Be Changed - We agree to be on a learning journey together, to acknowledge biases, and be willing to be changed or have our opinions challenged, throughout the committee process.

Work Relationally - Connect to our heads and hearts by tapping into our knowledge, critical minds and experience while fostering and building connections that see each other as whole humans.

Mindful of Power - Reflect on and attend to the many forms of power that influence our work together, the privilege and the biases we may have and our collective power to create a positive impact at UVic.

Maintain Confidentiality - Maintain confidentiality of any personal stories, statements, experiences, examples, we may share.

Think Big and Differently - leveraging past experiences and institutional knowledge without constraining ourselves to past approaches.

Honor Diversity - Recognize the strength and collective knowledge we gain in our diversity of ideas, identities, positionalities and experiences that we bring as a group.

Support Self Care - Normalize processes of healing through this journey.

Be Mindful of Time - Aware of our overarching timeline and our limited time together in meetings while committing to keeping space to pause, reflect and do this work well.

By being a part of the Reflection and Challenge Committee, I commit to the above commitments, to review them regularly, to hold myself accountable to upholding them in practice and spirit and to participate in any related process should I breach these commitments.

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