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Powered by climate traction

powered by climate traction

Climate hope propels us. We've gained ground on clean energy transitions, climate program offerings, and sustainable operations—and that's just the beginning of positive actions ahead.​ 

The 2024 Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings

In the most recent rankings, UVic is ranked 2nd in Canada and 5th globally for climate action (SDG 13). In addition to the many research initiatives and scholarships focused on climate action, UVic also offers hands-on climate-inspired education including an undergraduate climate science degree and first-of-its-kind graduate-level coastal climate solutions leaders program.

Stories of impact

World Oceans Day

June 8 is World Oceans Day and the theme of this year is One Ocean, One Climate, One Future – Together. This year, we’re sharing a round-up of stories that demonstrate UVic’s commitment to leading change today for healthier oceans tomorrow.
Hailey Davies sits on the beach and holds a piece of paper.

Finding hope for the ocean with fish sounds

Vanier scholar Hailey Davies is co-leading an education program that engages all ages in ocean literacy using recorded fish sounds and interactive games. Ahead of World Oceans Day she shared her perspectives on the future of the ocean. 

A pod of orcas surface in the ocean.

Experts on World Oceans Day 2024

From marine biodiversity and ocean-based solutions to combat climate change, including carbon dioxide removal to AI and cybersecurity for underwater vehicles, we know oceans.  

UVic graduate fellow Andrew Ambers stands on the shore of Cordova Bay while the tide is out.

Oceans as a source of law

UVic Borders in Globalization graduate fellow Andrew Ambers envisions that the future of water governance will be transformed in Canada by honouring coastal Indigenous legal orders. 

A woman scuba dives through a kelp forest.

A healthier ocean for all

UVic marine ecologist and PhD student Neha Acharya-Patel understands that lives are completely reliant on a functioning ocean ecosystem. She is inspiring, and developing, the next generation of ocean professionals.

Climate programs and training 

BSc in Climate

BSc in Climate Science

New skills are needed for a changing world. The Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Climate Science equips you to meet the challenges of tomorrow.
Looking for other options? 
CREATE climate leaders
Graduate training to prepare the next generation of researchers to tackle climate change head on.
CIFAL Victoria
UN-accredited training and research develops and strengthens our ability to better respond to challenges.
Build climate solutions

Develop skills for advancing climate action through the Transformative Climate Action programs.


A Bombardier EcoJet prototype being readied for a test flight

Bombardier chooses UVic for aerospace research

EcoJet Research Project aims to reduce business jet emissions up to 50 per cent.

Research centres
UVic research centres address urgent challenges facing oceans, lands, human wellbeing and the economy.
Industry, government, NGO, Indigenous, and community organizations seek UVic expertise.
Find an expert

UVic researchers are global experts tackling social, economic, and environmental issues relating to climate action.

Campus sustainability

District energy plant

District Energy Plant

Boiler replacements to reduce UVic's greenhouse gas emissions by 50 per cent.

Distinctly UVic
Healthy communities depend on responsible stewardship. That's why People, Place and Planet is among UVic's strategic priorities.
Climate and Sustainability Action Plan
UVic is committed to being a global leader in environmental, social and institutional sustainability.
Sustainable Development Goals

Learn how UVic is answering the call to protect our planet while promoting prosperity for everyone.

Climate impact in action