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First Term: Sep - Dec 2019
Nov 17, 2019
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SEMINAR: METHOD AND THEORY: Applied Anthropology/Community-Based Anthropology - 10147 - ANTH 485 - A01
COURSE DESCRIPTION AND OBJECTIVES This course focuses on the role of applied and community-based anthropology in two areas: 1) the post-colonial archive; and 2) the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process. Students will read foundational texts related to both these areas, including but not limited to topics such as the integration of Traditional Use studies into EIAs; land title and rights within the context of industrial development and regulatory processes; the role of repatriation in language revitalization; and post-colonial challenges to record-keeping, copyright, and archival processes. Students will utilize archival software applications for some of their classwork. Class assignments may include critically analyzing institutional archival policies within B.C.; digitizing archival content; reviewing environmental impact assessments and analyzing their incorporation of indigenous knowledge and Traditional Use data; and presenting findings related to archival research and/or EIA analysis to the class. Each student will also participate in a class project that involves assisting a First Nation in the repatriation of archival materials. This course will primarily focus on Canadian and British Columbian case studies. Readings and course content produced by indigenous authors/knowledge-keepers will be used whenever possible. SKILLS DEVELOPMENT -knowledge of archival institutions within British Columbia and their policies of repatriation -familiarity with environmental assessment processes as they relate to indigenous knowledge and community-based anthropology -experience with digital archival interfaces and digitization of archival materials -public speaking, critical analysis, and research skills
Associated Term: First Term: Sep - Dec 2019
Registration Dates: Jun 17, 2019 to Sep 20, 2019
Levels: Graduate, Law, Undergraduate
Attributes: Undergrad Course - 1.5 units

Main Campus
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Face to Face Instructional Method
1.500 Credits
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Every Week 4:30 pm - 5:50 pm MW Cornett Building A128 Sep 04, 2019 - Dec 04, 2019 Lecture Topic Towagh Kwusen Lyons Behr (P)E-mail

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