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First Term: Sep - Dec 2019
Nov 12, 2019
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PROBLEMS IN ANTH: AREA STUDIES: Anthropology of the Pacific - 10134 - ANTH 391 - A01
ANTH391 A01: Pre-req is ANTH200 or permission of department The Pacific Islands stretch across nearly a third of the world’s surface, making it the world’s largest single geographic region. Yet in discussions about the region, Pacific Islanders are frequently absent. This course provides a way of understanding the complex histories and cultures of Pacific Island peoples. This course is focused on prominent themes affecting Pacific Islanders, such as colonization, tourism, and migration. The course is divided into two parts. The first five units cover precolonial Pacific Island cultural systems, and Western colonization of the Pacific, including nuclear testing in the Bikini Atoll. The second part of the course explores case studies on island environments and their vulnerabilities; islander out-migration and tourism inflows; food security; indigenous sovereignty movements; and current political and cultural priorities.
Associated Term: First Term: Sep - Dec 2019
Registration Dates: Jun 17, 2019 to Sep 20, 2019
Levels: Graduate, Law, Undergraduate
Attributes: Undergrad Course - 1.5 units

Main Campus
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Face to Face Instructional Method
1.500 Credits
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Every Week 12:30 pm - 1:20 pm TWF Cornett Building B250 Sep 04, 2019 - Dec 04, 2019 Lecture Topic Leslie Butt (P)E-mail

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