Frequently asked questions

Tuition Fees

What do I owe?

You may check your balance online via
  • Go to ‘online tools’,under “Student Services” click on ‘tuition account summary’.
  • Your amount due for the term will show under the Term Balance on your Account Summary.  The difference  between the term charges and term payments should equal the term balance. If there has been a previous term credit , the term balance will be less than the difference between the term charges and payments.

 Please note for online banking payments the payments are posted to the term in which they are received.  

How do I pay a $200 acceptance deposit?

Students are strongly encouraged to use online banking as the most convenient and efficient way to pay their acceptance deposit

How can I pay my tuition fees? (Please note UVic does not accept payment by credit card for tuition fees)

See payment options accepted

When are tuition fees due?

  • 1st term (September-December) fees are due September 30th. A 1.5% service charge annualized at 19.56% will be added if the account is not paid on or by the due date
  • 2nd term (January-April) fees are due January 31st. The monthly service charge is applicable as above.
  • Summer term (May-August) fees are due May 31st. The monthly service charge is applicable as above.
  • You can pay your full year with one payment in September.
  • Failure to pay full 1st term fees by October 31st or 2nd term fees by February 28th can result in cancellation of course registrations.

How can I print a statement of tuition fees and payments?

Your Tuition Account Summary can be used as an official statement or proof of payment for education savings plans, bank loans, student visas, employers and scholarship or bursary applications.

Sign into your account at : Sign in to UVic

  • Sign in to UVic with your Netlink ID
  • Select Online tools > Student Services >Tuition account summary
  • Choose the term you need a statement for and select print

I have a credit on my Account, can I request a refund?

You may request a refund if you have a credit balance on your account or you may leave the funds on your account for a future term at which point they will be automatically applied against any new charges.

  • Refunds are sent by cheque to the current mailing address on your student file. To avoid delays in issuing your refund, please ensure your mailing address is correct on your ‘MyPage’ under personal profile prior to contacting the tuition fee office. Refunds may take 2-3 weeks to arrive.
  • If your payment has been sent via wire transfer or Western Union Global pay, a credit will be refunded by wire transfer. There are no exceptions.
  • If you have made an online banking payment in error to the University, please contact your bank directly to recall the payment.
  • Refunds for payments made by cheque will have a waiting period of 20 business days prior to processing a refund. If payment has been made in US funds there will be a 45 business day waiting period.  

What should I do with my Passport to Education?

Bring your passport to the Tuition Fees office in the University Centre as soon as possible. It will reduce your term fees. If you wait until late in the month you will encounter long line-ups.

I won the Provincial Scholarship of $1000.00. Will this be taken off my fees?

No. Your registration has to be validated on the back of the voucher by the Student Awards and Financial Aid Office. It is your responsibility to submit this to the Ministry of Education (the address is on the back of the voucher) who will send you the money directly.

I won an award from UVic. Will this be taken off my tuition fees?

Undergrad Students:
  • Yes, awards from UVic are automatically put into your student account towards your tuition fees on the first day of classes.
Graduate Students:
  • Only a small number of graduate awards are credited to tuition accounts. Please refer to your notice of award for particulars regarding the method of payment. 

How do I opt out of GSS and UVSS extended health and dental plan?

Students with existing coverage may choose to opt-out of the extended health and/or dental plan(s) by the opt out deadlines noted below.  Your tuition fee account will be credited by the amount of the health/dental plan when your opt out is approved by the Students’ Society.

  • Undergraduate students online opt out.  Opt out by September 22nd (or January 22 if you begin taking courses in January). The UVSS contact number is 250-721-8355.
  • Graduate students online opt out.  Opt out by September 30 (or by January 31 if you begin taking coures in January). The GSS contact number is 250-721-8816.

Tax forms

Please note that the University cannot provide tax advice. Whether you are able to take advantage of the following tax slips depends upon your individual circumstances. To find out more about the credits and your eligibility, you should consult a tax professional and/or the appropriate Canada Revenue Agency website publications.

  • T2202A: Tax credit amount for the eligible tuition and fees paid for a  calendar year
  • T4A: applies to students who have received bursary, scholarship, awards, third party payments or other funding
  • Transit tax credit: if you have been assessed the UPass fee print your Account Summary by Term as an official receipt for CRA
  • T4: only issued to those students employed by UVic

Tax slips are available every February for the previous taxation year and are available online.

Sign into UVic, go to My online tools, under 'Student Services' click 'Download tax slips', click 'Finances' tab, then click 'Slips for Income Tax Return'.  Please ensure you print the Printable T2202A Form (PDF) version for CRA and do not use the viewable version as it is not the official form.    

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Tuition Fees or 250-721-7032.

I have questions about the Western Union GlobalPay for Students service.

  • For information and instructions on how to use the Western Union GlobalPay for Students service, see the payment methods webpage.
  • You can also refer to the GlobalPay for Students FAQ page to address the common questions that students may have.


Please be aware that there are deadlines for fee reductions for dropped courses.  Check the fees section of the calendar for specific drop dates.