Study leaves

Study leave provides an opportunity for faculty members and librarians to engage in uninterrupted research, scholarly and creative activities. Please note the Framework Agreement language has been amended as a result of negotiations and mediation during 2012. Effective July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2014, the following changes affect study leave:

  • In addition to July 1 and January 1, Tenured and Tenure Track Faculty members can now also commence a study leave on September 1 of the academic year following the year in which the application is made.
  • The number of consecutive deferrals by the university of an approved study leave is now restricted to two.
  • Any significant modification to a study leave project that has been approved must now be approved by the faculty member's Chair, who will make the recommendation to the faculty member's dean and to the Provost.
  • Study leave report must now be submitted to the faculty member's Chair with a copy to the Dean.
  • Article 43.15 has been updated with new language to clarify the calculation of accumulated service toward study leave eligibility for faculty members returning from Long Term Disability.
  • Wording has been added to Article 46.0 to clarify study leave eligibility for librarians returning from Long Term Disability.
  • Clearer language regarding replacement study leave in case of faculty members who become ill or disabled while on study or administrative leave.

Please see how to apply for study/administrative leave for step-by-step instructions and deadlines related to the application process.

Log in through My Page to begin your online application (study leave is located under the heading employee services).

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