The role of the chair/director

The chair/director is responsible for conducting reviews of faculty performance based on the standards set out in the Framework Agreement and the Faculty Evaluation Policy. They are responsible for providing guidance to faculty members in their efforts to attain the standards required for reappointment, promotion or tenure. This role involves:

  • acting as chair of the department's reappointment, promotion and tenure committee(s),
  • overseeing faculty members' official performance files, 
  • providing supervision, advice, guidance and mentoring to faculty members,
  • advising the dean on salary increases, and
  • making recommendations to the dean regarding the reappointment, promotion and tenure of faculty members within the department.

The role of the dean

The dean reviews feedback from the chair/director regarding the reappointment, promotion or tenure of individuals governed by the Framework Agreement. They are responsible for making formal recommendations to the president through the vice-president academic and provost.

The dean is also responsible for the development and maintenance of the Faculty Evaluation Policy. The Faculty Evaluation Policy further develops the criteria and standards set out in the Framework Agreement for attaining reappointment, tenure and promotion in a way that is relevant to the practice for a particular discipline. Any changes to the Faculty Evaluation Policy should be forwarded to VPAC.

Performance evaluation resources

The Learning and Teaching Centre has developed a variety of useful documents to assist in teaching assessment including:

Evaluation articles

Relevant sections of the Framework Agreement

Section Topic
13 Evaluation of members
14 Review of career progress
15 Reappointments
16 Tenure
18 Promotion
20 Stopping the clock
21 ARPT committees (departmentalized faculties)
22 Procedures for candidates
23 Referees
24 Assessment by the chair of the department
25 Information considered by RPT committees
26 Voting (by committee)
27 Confidentiality of departmental committee proceedings
28 Written statement of reasons for the departmental recommendation
29 Deadlines for forwarding departmental recommendations
30 Documents provided to candidate
31 Candidate's acknowledgement
32 Faculty advisory committee (FAC)
33 Voting (by FAC)
34 Confidentiality of FAC meetings
35 Deadlines for FAC recommendations
36 Candidate's response to FAC recommendation
37 Dean's recommendation on RPT
38 President's recommendation on reappointment, tenure and promotion
39 Action of Board of Governors
40 University Review Committee (includes appeals)
41 Member's official files
Appendix G Deadlines for reappointment, tenure and promotion