Equity planning


Integrated planning process

Beyond the numbers, equity issues must be addressed and integrated throughout the planning process for employment and educational equity. As chair/director or dean you are responsible for creating an academic plan and academic staffing plans. Equity reporting within these documents should include:

  • recruitment and hiring goals and targets
  • identification of gaps in representation of equity groups
  • strategies or efforts to address the gaps that have been implemented, such as training
  • a discussion of retention climate, mentoring, department orientation and other strategies to create an inclusive workplace environment
  • training undertaken with HR or VPAC on equity, diversity, and cultural sensitivity
  • your communication strategy/infrastructure to share best practices
  • involvement in campus wide diversity and equity committees
  • short and long term equity and diversity goals (for example: What has your department or faculty done? What do you have planned for the coming year(s)? Who is doing it? How and when are you doing it? How will you know you have succeeded?)

The adviser to the provost on equity and diversity can work with you as you outline your goals and achievements. This information will be used by VPAC in a variety of ways including:

  • to compile and write reports for the Federal Contractor's Program (FCP)
  • to define institutional equity goals and achievements for faculty and student recruitment and retention
  • to create new programs and curricula
  • to identify best practices for an inclusive teachng and learning environment.

The FCP report is disseminated internally to senior administration and the campus community and externally to the BC Human Rights Tribunal.