Senate Committee on Academic Standards

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Click here to view the Terms of Reference of the Senate Committee on Academic Standards (pdf).


Sara Beam, Chair, Faculty of Graduate Studies
Eva Baboula, Faculty of Fine Arts
Laurie Barnas, Associate Registrar
Sarah Blackstone, Advisor to Provost, Special Projects (President’s nominee)
Gillian Calder, Faculty of Law
Rosaline Canessa, Faculty of Social Sciences
Nikolai Dechev, Faculty of Engineering
Nicole Greengoe, Registrar
David Harrington, Faculty of Science
Cindy Holder, Associate Dean Academic Advising (Faculties of Science, Social Sciences and Humanities)
Valerie Kuehne, Vice-President Academic and Provost
Peter Liddell, Convocation Senator
Michele Martin, Division of Medical Sciences
Norah McRae, Executive Director, Cooperative Education and Career Services
Michael Nowlin, Faculty of Humanities
Tim Pelton, Faculty of Education
Bernadette Peterson, Student Senator
Abdul Roudsari, Faculty of Human and Social Development
Richard Rush, Division of Continuing Studies
Ada Saab, Director, Graduate Admissions and Records
Brock Smith, Peter B. Gustavson School of Business
Carrie Andersen (Secretary), Associate University Secretary