Recycling sign on brown cardboard
Recycle! Recycle!

The University of Victoria has a number of different operational programs in place to deal with the recycling of many items.

We use a standard 3-bin recycling station in every building. In 2016 we moved away from deskside recycling services for staff and faculty, so now student, staff and faculty interact with the over 400 stations to sort their materials which uses these categories:

Clean paper and paper packaging


  • all office paper
  • magazines and newsprint
  • phone books (small quantities)
  • flattened cardboard boxes


  • corrugated cardboard (flatten these and stack them next to the continer
  • paper towels, napkins, and tissues 
  • paper plates
  • coffee cups

Plastic, metal and paper containers


  • all refundable bottles & cans
  • tin & aluminum
  • paper containers like milk cartons and tetra-paks
  • hard plastics including coffee cup lids and sushi trays
  • coffee cups

We ask that you please rinse all container before recycling them.


  • soft plastic bags or straws
  • styrofoam

Non-recycleable landfill waste


  • chip bags, candy and granola wrappers


  • paper
  • cardboard
  • refundable containers
  • batteries
  • Styrofoam
  • soft plastics
  • food waste, paper towels or coffee cups

UVic has an extensive recycling system beyond our standard 3-bin recycling station. See below for more details.

Compostable waste

UVic's food waste is picked up by reFuse Resource Recovery and sent to an industrial composting system in Cobble Hill.  This system can take many items that you would normally not put in a backyard composter, for example all meat and dairy products, and paper towels. Here's a list:


  • All food waste, including meat and dairy products
  • Compostable cutlery and clear cups
  • Pizza trays
  • Paper towels and napkins
  • Tea bags


  • Biodegradable bags
  • Plastic coffee cup lids



  • Anything made of glass


  • Anything not made of glass

Styrofoam and soft plastics

styrofoamIf you are UVic Staff and have larger quantities, please submit a service request (through FMIS) to notify waste reduction of the need for a pick-up. Bag the styrofoam and soft plastic seperately.

Take the bagged refuse to your buildings loading dock, where all the main recycling bins are located, and place the bags in large red cardboard bin.

Contact for assistance.


Computers, printers, AV equipment, other electronics and media (CDs, diskettes) can be picked and recycled or sent to asset disposal. All hard drives must be removed prior to disposal and all electronics must be tagged for recycling by your IT administrator.  All UVic owned cameras, PDAs and storage media (discs, tapes etc) should be disposed of through UVic systems for confidential shredding/recycling.


  • Departments supported by systems contact you University Systems local support person. If you are unaware of who that is contact the Systems Help Centre. System will assess the device to see if it should be recycled or repurposed.
  • If your equipment is marked with a recycling sticker or you learn that it needs to be disposed of, someone in your office will need to send in a FMIS request to have your material picked up.

See the Green IT guide in the Resource section of this website for more details.