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Sustainability in research

Research header

The University of Victoria is consistently ranked in the top tier of Canada’s research-intensive universities. UVic researchers lead Canada and the world in addressing some of the most complex fields of inquiry facing society.

Our particular strengths include oceans, climate change, global change and sustainability. Our notable research programs include:

  • Ocean Networks Canada operates world-leading ocean observatories off the British Columbia coast and in the Arctic.The regional NEPTUNE and coastal VENUS cabled observatories off BC supply continuous power and Internet connectivity to a broad suite of subsea instruments from the coast to the deep sea, supporting research on complex ocean and Earth processes in ways not previously possible.
  • The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS) hosted by UVic builds on the strengths of BC’s four research-intensive universities to develop climate change solutions and lead the way to the development of sound public policy and informed effective solutions.
  • The POLIS Water Sustainability Project is a research centre focused on water policy and governance issues, and acts as a bridge between theory and action.

Learn more about our various research intiatives in global change and sustainability and oceans and climate  by visiting the UVic Research website and check out the links below:

Research initiatives and centres

Some of the campus research institutes that emphasize sustainability include:

Centre for Forest Biology
Centre for Global Studies
Climate Modelling Group
Environmental Law Centre
Faculty of Engineering research
Faculty of Social Sciences research
Ocean Networks Canada
POLIS Water Sustainability Project
Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium
Pacific Institute For Climate Solutions
School of Earth and Ocean Sciences research
Water and Climate Impacts Research Centre


UVic's Insitutue for Studies & Innovation in Community University-Engagement facilitates collaborative community-university research and partnerships that enhance the quality of life and the economic, environmental and social well-being of communities.

The Centre for Co-Operative and Community-Based Economy is a campus hub for interdisciplinary research related to co-operatives and community-based economics and societies.

The Centre for Community Health Promotion Research is devoted to creating equitable conditions for health by generating knowledge
based on the interrelationship of theory, practice, policy, education, and
community-based research.

UVic has entered into a research agreement with the City of Victoria to establish a framework for collaboration on research of mutual interest including green mapping and sustainability.

To find out who's doing what at UVic and how they relate to community initiatives, try the community-based research directories.

Research spotlight

The University of Victoria is the proud to be the home of the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS).

PICS brings together internationally recognized scientists, engineers, economists, environmental and socio-behavioural researchers, policy analysts and governance experts from UVic and its partners at the University of BC, Simon Fraser University and the University of Northern BC. PICS pulls this intellectual capital together into a dynamic knowledge network that integrates multi-disciplinary approaches to climate change.

The research themes include The Low Carbon Emissions Economy, Social Mobilization, Sustainable Communities, Resilient Ecosystems, Carbon Management in BC Forests and other Affliated Projects.

Amongst many other accomplishments so far, PICS researchers have produced a number of White Paper Policy Reports for the Provincial Government and Briefing Notes on a wide variety of climate change related issues.

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