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Recycling sign focus groups

UVic is redesigning its recycling signs and we are inviting International students, local students, staff and faculty to provide their opinions on our updated designs. We will be hosting a discussion group the week of July 28th and will offer $50 to each participant for their time. Please contact Matt at if you are interested in participating.

Read more about Recycling sign focus groups .

Expanded bus exchange coming

UVic and BC Transit are working together to plan and create a new, expanded bus exchange with space for an additional 7 to 10 bus bays. The planned area is the space between the current bus exchange and the Student Union Building. A number of metered parking stalls have been removed, and the Bike Kitchen, bike racks and lockers will need to be moved to the Campus Bike Centre. The new exchange will be open in September 2014.

Read more about Expanded bus exchange coming.

Bees in Community Garden

Did you know that the Campus Community Garden is now home to its very own apiary? The honeybee colonies, installed in the spring, provide numerous benefits to the community and the surrounding environment by creating an opportunity for university and elementary classes to deepen their understanding of bees, as well as boosting the vitality of the community garden and surrounding areas through increased pollination. Read about it in the Victoria News article.

Read more about Bees in Community Garden .

Take our website survey!

We're redesigning our UVic Sustainability website and would like your input on how to make it great. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey and let us know what you'd like to see:


Read more about Take our website survey!.

Bike to Work Week prize winners

We're pleased to announced that Nic Scott from Ocean Network Canada's "North Pacific Gyre" team is our grand draw prize winner for a cycling trip for two with Island Joy Rides. And Jennifer Oakes from the Gustavson School of Business's "Go Gustavson!" team won the special "new rider" draw prize of a $500 gift card for Oak Bay Bikes. Congratulations to Nic and Jennifer and to all of the hundreds of UVic Bike to Work Week participants!

Read more about Bike to Work Week prize winners.

Carbon Neutral Action Report

The 2013 UVic Carbon Neutral Action Report is now available for viewing. This report is produced annually to document the steps the university has taken to reduce carbon emissions and the results of the annual greenhouse gas inventory. Through the combined efforts of many people on campus, UVic has again seen a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions while our campus has continued to grow. Between 2012 and 2013, our overall emissions decreased by close to 10%, and since 2010, we've reduced the total by 17%.

Read more about Carbon Neutral Action Report.

Waste Audit summary report

The summary report of the 2014 campus waste audit is now available. The good news is that although overall waste generated has increased since our last comprehensive audit in 2011, which is reflective of our growing campus population, our waste diversion rate is 68%, up from 58% in 2011. That means we're sending an larger proportion of our waste into recycling and composting streams, not the landfill.

Read more about Waste Audit summary report.

Final report on the Sustainability Action Plan, 2009-2014

The final report on the UVic Sustainability Action Plan: Campus Operations, 2009-2014 is now available online. Check out how well we did in achieving our many goals related to making our campus more sustainable over the past 5 years.

Read more about Final report on the Sustainability Action Plan, 2009-2014.

Staff 2014 Sustainability Champions

Congratulations to Sherri-Lynn Yazbeck, supervisor of UVic's Child Care Services, Centre Four for being chosen as the 2014 Staff Sustainability Champion! Sherri-Lynn and her team of early childhood educators, Batool Alishan, Ann Pickup, and Julia Wilson, provide nature-based learning for children 3 to 5 years old, whose parents are UVic employees or students. They exemplify the values and aims of the Staff Sustainability Champion by providing leadership and sustainability-themed education that instills a connection to nature for the young children in the program. Their approach promotes hands-on experience in environmental stewardship, learning about the cycles of life, growing their own food, connecting to local and natural spaces, cooperation,
sharing space and natural resources.

Sherri-Lynn and team, with Gayle

Read more about Staff 2014 Sustainability Champions.

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