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Alternative transportation


Transportation demand management (TDM)

TDM focuses on pricing strategies, infrastructure and incentives to encourage sustainable, alternative transportation choices.buses at loop

UVic has been successful over the past 20 years in reducing the number of single occupancy vehicle trips to campus even while our campus population has continued to grow. See a summary chart of modal splits for our traffic survey years from 1996 to 2012.

 bike to work team

See sections below for ideas on how to make your campus commute more environmentally sustainable!

Public transit

News: BC Transit and the University of Victoria are working together to plan and create an expanded bus exchange between the current bus exchange and the Student Union Building that will see 10 new bus bays allowing for increased transit service to campus. Completion is planned for September 2014.

Fall schedule changes and new locations for buses on campus can be found here.

Bus routes To campus
The University of Victoria is a major transit hub in the community. With more than 800 busses arriving and leaving each day, you can connect to campus from almost anywhere in the CRD. Up to 17,000 people use transit to get to campus each day!

Get a quick list of bus routes that serve UVic or visit the BC Transit website for schedules and maps.

UVic's UVicMobile "app" contains up to date transit information listing the next few buses leaving campus. Available on Andriod and Apple platforms for your smartphone.

Universal bus pass (U-Pass)

The universal bus pass (U-Pass) provides all students taking at least one class per semester with unlimited access to Victoria region public transit. This mandatory program makes transportation to UVic convenient and affordable, eases parking and traffic congestion, and reduces the demand to pave more of the campus for parking lots.

The magnetic strip on your validated UVic student card is also your U-Pass. If you are a returning student, take your card to the UVSS Info Booth (in the SUB), the University Centre Photo ID Booth, the GSS General Office or to one of the new machines conveniently located around campus to have it validated. If you are unable to use the U-Pass because you have a disability preventing you from using the bus or you already have a bus pass (e.g. through social assistance from the provincial government), you can opt-out of the U-Pass program. For more information on the very limited conditions for opting out, call or visit the UVSS Info Booth for more information.

Employee bus pass program (E-Pass)

The UVic employee bus pass program offers monthly Victoria Regional Transit passes at more than 50% off the regular price! To qualify for the subsidized bus pass, an employee must be eligible, defined as:

  • any employee who lives off campus and
  • any employee who is benefit-eligible or
  • any employee who is on a continuing appointment or
  • any employee who is on a temporary appointment whose hours of work are not less than 3 days per week or
  • do not have a parking permit

These bus passes are not transferable—they’re for use by eligible employees only. The employee bus passes are sold at Campus Security Services on a month to month basis, available on the 15th of each month for the following month. In compliance with Canada Revenue Agency regulations, the UVic investment toward employee participation in the Employee Bus Pass program is considered a taxable benefit and will automatically appear on your T4.

Bikes on the bus

Have a long commute and only want to cycle one way, or the weather has turned ugly and you don't want to ride home? Almost all BC Transit buses are now equipped with front racks that can hold two bikes. Find out more by visiting the BC Transit website.


UVic Campus Bike Centre is open!  We've removed 28 prime parking spots to make way for 234 covered bike parking spots, with racks, bike lockers, gear lockers and benches. The space also includes an improved and expanded space for the SPOKES bicycle program and self-service repair kiosk aka the "bike kitchen". Bike and equipment lockers are availble for rent, see poster and below for details.

bike centre lockers

Cycling routes

The UVic campus is serviced by many convenient and safe cycling routes from downtown and points all around the region. Check the cycling route map for ideas on how best to get to campus on your bike.

Cycling Amenities on Campus

With more than 2900 bike parking spaces, UVic is a bicycle-friendly campus. Cyclists can take advantage of covered bicycle shelters, bike lockers, clothing storage lockers, shower and change room facilities, a self-service bike repair kiosk and towel service at the gym. A cycling amenities map is also available.

Showers and change rooms are located in the following buildings and facilties:

  • Ian Stewart Complex
  • McKinnon Gym
  • Engineering Computer Science Building
  • Medical Sciences Building
  • Social Sciences and Mathematics Building
  • Technology Enterprise Facility
  • Administrative Services Building
  • First Peoples House of Learning
  • Continuing Studies Building
  • Craigdarroch Office Building

Bike lockers
There are currently close to 150 bicycle lockers located in the Campus Bike Centre and around campus available for students, faculty and staff living off campus to rent on a semester by semester basis at current rates of $40/semester, plus a $50 key deposit. (Note that Residence Services rents lockers for those living on campus). Each locker has enough room for your bike and gear. Drop by the Campus Security building or contact for information and to rent a locker. If you are unable to get a bike locker but need a bit of extra space for your cycling gear, simply take advantage of the hundreds of free lockers on campus, located in almost every building.

Clothing and gear lockers

In-building lockers large enough to hold bike bags, helmets, clothing, etc are located in 8 classroom buildings around campus and in the Campus Bike Centre under University Centre. They can be rented on a semesterly for $10 or annual basis for $30 from Campus Security. Fees include a $10 lock deposit.

Bikes on the bus
In Victoria, over 95% of the transit fleet has bicycle racks on board, so it is easy to make cycling a part of your regular commute. There are 3 basic steps involved in putting your bike on the rack -- you can check out the BC Transit webpage for photos and instructions. Or, the next time you are at the bus loop on campus, try out the racks on a parked bus.

Free bike locks available for short term loan
Need to lock your bike, but no lock? Ask at the Library Loans Desk for a free lock available for short term loan.

Electric bike charging stations
There are 4 free designated electric bike charging stations on campus. All stations are on a first come first serve basis and owners are using the stations at their own risk. Locations are outside the following buildings:

  • Human and Social Development
  • Visual Arts
  • David Strong
  • University Centre

Bicycle engraving
To reduce the likelihood of theft and to assist in recovery if your bike is stolen, participate in a Bicycle Registration program with Campus Security Services. You can have your bike engraved and registered free of charge. Your bike and accessories will be identified with your Driver's License or BC ID number and Campus Security will register all your information on a computer system. To set up an appointment, call the Personal Safety Coordinator at 250-721-8981 or email

Bike sharing
In addition to the SPOKES program (see next tab), the School of Environmental Studies Starzomski Lab has started it's own campus bike share program. It helps grad students with offices in buildings across campus from each other stay connected in a healthy and sustainable way using donated bikes painted bright green, with helmets and communal locks.



SPOKES is a unique bicycle recycling program where volunteers give new life to old bikes. Since 2003, SPOKES has been an innovative way to divert waste, improve community health and take action on climate change. Our goal is to make it easier for students, faculty and staff at the University of Victoria get around on two wheels!

HOURS OF OPERATION for Jan 5 thourgh April 30 2015

Tuesdays 5:30pm - 8:30pm
Thursdays 7:45am - 9:45am
Thursdays 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Fridays 2:30pm - 4:00pm
Every odd-numbered Saturdays 11:00am - 12:00pm

Please note that SPOKES is not open on statutory holidays or during Reading Break.

SPOKES may have volunteers working in the shop repairing bicycles – please respect their time by not asking for services outside of the hours listed above. SPOKES thanks you in advance for your patience with our 100% volunteer program.

SERVICES FOR 2013/2014:

Bike Loans: Want to cycle but don't have a bike? The refurbished bike loan program is available to UVic students, faculty and staff on a first come, first serve basis. The loan program is subject to availability and includes a lock.

All application forms must be filled out in-person during work party hours. Bike loans are $40 - half of which is a donation to SPOKES and the other half is a refundable deposit payable when the bike is returned in working condition with lock (and key!). Bike loans are open in terms of length.

Bike Rentals:  Need a bike for a short period of time? SPOKES has a supply of refurbished bikes, often with a few extra features, available for short term rent of up to three weeks. The fee is $5 per day with payment due in advance.

Bike Sales:  Looking to purchase a refurbished bike? We have put a little extra elbow grease into a few bikes and have them available for sale. Prices range from $50 to $150. All sales are subject to availability.

Gear and Helmet Sales:  SPOKES offers safety equipment including helmets and lights in a range of prices. It is important to us that you get around safely on a bike!

Bike Repair Assistance:  The first priority for SPOKES volunteers is the refurbishment and recycling of SPOKES bicycles. SPOKES recipients can bring their bikes to the shop for basic repairs and adjustments for cash donations. For personal bikes, volunteers are happy to provide a quick assessment and can direct you to local bike shops for service. SPOKES does not lend out its tools -- basic tools can be found at the repair station in the Campus Bike Centre.

Returns:  Do you have a SPOKES bike on loan? You can return your bike and lock during regular work party hours. For extraneous circumstances, you can email to make arrangements for a return outside of normal work party hours.

Bike Donations:  If you have a used, adult sized bike to donate to SPOKES, please drop it off during regular work party hours or email to make arrangements for pick up.

How to find us:

SPOKES has a  cage located in west end of the Campus Bike Centre at the west end of the parkade under the University Centre Building. Enter through the canopy entrance off the service road between University Centre and the Business and Economics buildings.

Volunteering for SPOKES

SPOKES is building a better community by sharing knowledge! Our entire program is run by volunteers who teach and learn from each other.  If you are interested in learning bike repair skills, and willing to share your skills with the SPOKES program, we welcome you!Volunteers with previous experience preferred -- roles and honorariums available for keeners.  Contact for more information.

Program sponsors

SPOKES was started in 2003.  Over the past decade it has evolved to an award winning program.  SPOKES is run by volunteers with generous support from the following agencies in 2014/2015:

  • University of Victoria, Office of Camus Planning & Sustainability
  • UVic Sustainability Project
  • UVic Students Society

Virtual meetings

Using video conferencing can reduce your transportation impact by not leaving campus to attend meetings, lectures or seminars. The technology provides real time face to face interaction with sites virtually anywhere in the world. The technology allows for communication between two sites or between multiple locations. The state-of-the-art videoconferencing facilities at UVic are located in the Social Sciences and Math Building, with three different sized rooms available for rent. And it's FREE for on-campus users! For more information visit Media Services.

Webcasting is another technology that can be used to reduce the numbers of people travelling to campus to participate in lectures, panel discussions or other events. Your event can be broadcast over the internet and seen by people around the world live, for a minimal cost. For more information visit Media Services.

Skype, webinars and other online collaboration technology should also be used whenever possible to discourage unnecessary travel for meetings.

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