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Revolving sustainability fund

Overviewgreen leaf

Do you have an energy or water saving idea, that if implemented, could result in utility cost savings for the university? Through the Revolving Sustainability Fund initiative, you can see your idea put into practice and contribute to more sustainable operational practices at UVic.

Launched in 2011, the Revolving Sustainability Fund provides $250,000 in capital to fund conservation projects on campus that provide immediate financial returns on investment. The projects pay back the fund through savings from utility or operating costs. Because the money is repaid to the fund, the fund is able to reinvest the capital (making it a revolving mechanism) to fund additional sustainability projects on campus.

Primary Benefits:                                                                                                                                                         

  • Reduces the environmental impact of university operations                                                             
  • Saves the institution money over time
  • Educates and empowers members of our university community to take action on sustainability
  • Illustrates that the University of Victoria is an action-orientated sustainability leader within B.C. 

Eligible projects include ones that:

  • Reduce electricity
  • Reduce natural gas or propane use
  • Reduce water use

How to apply

Campus members with a project idea should contact the Office of Campus Planning and Sustainability at or call 250-853-3758. We'll review the idea with you to assess it's basic feasibility. If appropriate, you will be asked to complete a proposal application with all the necessary details which we can provide assistance with.

Once an application is received the Revolving Sustainability Fund Advisory Committee, comprised of staff, faculty and students will make recommendations for project approvals.

Please phone or email any questions to:

Rita Fromholt

Sustainability Coordinator
Office of Campus Planning & Sustainability
P: 250-853-3758    E:


Projects should have a payback period of 5 years or less, but longer terms will be considered on a project-by-project basis. "Bundling" projects (combining both long term paybacks and short term payback projects), where the combined total payback time is still 5 years or under will be allowed, but preference will be given to projects with shorter paybacks. Project costs may include the entire cost of the project or the cost differential between a code compliant project already being undertaken and a high-performance option. The fund may be combined with other funding such as from external sources. All loan sizes will be considered as long as funding allows. The timeframe for implementation will be determined on a project-by-project basis. All projects proposals must have the support of the department(s) concerned.

Eligibility of budget costs will be considered on a case by case basis.  Eligible costs may include: equipment, labour, parts, consultants, surveys, data collection or purchase costs, or the cost of preparing reports or materials that could link the project to the university's academic and research activities. Any equipment purchased will remain the property of the University.

Successful projects

The Revolving Sustainability Fund has now supported five great projects that either save significant amount of energy or water:

  • Replacement of aspirators in the Department of Chemistry labs with portable electric vacuum pumps
  • Installation of new carbon monoxide censor system in the University Centre underground parkade
  • Replacement of water fixtures in the Business & Economics and David Strong buildings with low flow versions
  • Upgrades to the UPS systems in the Enterprise Data Centre 2 (EDC2) building
  • Replacement of lamp standards in front of the Campus Services Building with 50 watt long life induction lighting

The first successuful projects were highlighted in a story in The Ring. The Fund was also highlighted in the BC Governments 2011 Carbon Neutral Government publication (p.7).

Check back to this space in the future to hear more stories of successful projects.

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