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Sustainability action teams

Working together to create a sustainable campus

At UVic, we see sustainability as a shared responsibility - everyone has a role to play in making where we work and go to school a place where we incorporate environmental responsibility into everything we do. You can get directly involved by joining a sustainability action teams or form your own and become a sustainability leader - learn lots, make new friends and make a difference!

 SAT members in 2011

Contact to find out more.

Why action teams?

One of the foundational goals contained in the University of Victoria’s Sustainability Action Plan: Campus Operations, 2009-2014, is the creation of sustainability action teams (SATs) across campus.

The SATs play a key role in the implementation of UVic’s sustainability goals by engaging the campus community in local efforts to reduce the ecological footprint of the campus. Staff, faculty and students work together to reduce energy consumption, promote waste reduction strategies, alternative transportation options, and other sustainability initiatives in offices, classrooms, labs, libraries, buildings, residences and in personal lives.

The goals of the SAT program are to:

  • Engage the campus community directly in the implementation of UVic’s sustainability goals and actions
  • Provide peer to peer support and environmental education on programs that promote sustainability
  • Foster creativity to identify new procedures and initiatives to promote sustainability
  • Offer opportunities to exchange ideas, experiences and plans
  • Recognize and reward successes
  • Reduce energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, waste, and promote healthy lifestyles through sustainable transportation choices

Green Office - GO!

The Green Office (GO!) Program is specifically designed to promote sustainability with staff in offices across campus.

While many sustainability “champions” and committees already exist across campus doing amazing work, we need to create a better way to support, coordinate, acknowledge, reward, expand, and enhance these individual and team efforts. Our Green Office GO! sustainability action team program includes:

  • Standardized training and orientation program for team leaders
  • Ongoing regular meetings and support from the sustainability office
  • Toolkits, fact sheets, posters, and other internet based resources on specific topic areas
  • Optional team competitions for most sustainability actions pledged and taken
  • Reward and recognition programs
  • Workshops, guest speakers, webinars, newsletters and other educational opportunities offered from time to time
  • Management/executive  support for team leaders and members, with a  leaders’ time commitment of 2 to 5 hours per month
  • Some funding available for the maintenance of the GO! program (for workshops, luncheons, communications, etc.) at the institutional level, and for sustainability initiatives initiated by groups themselves

Read our information flyer to find out more, and contact to set up a Green Office (GO!) program in your office today!

Get started with our Top 20 Sustainbility Actions poster.


UVic's ResLife program supports a number of ongoing and seasonal sustainability initiatives in the student residences.

Sustainability Community is one the themed residences located in the South Tower Building.
The University of Victoria opened its first LEED Gold residence building in January 2011, South Tower Residence. Living in this hall offers the opportunity to participate in programs and events that help promote and develop sustainability in the residence, University and Greater Victoria community. This is the second year of the Sustainability Community and the theme has been a great success. Choose this community to reduce your own eco footprint and become an active part of the solution for an important issue in our world today.

Other residence-wide sustainability initiatives for the 2012/2013 school year will be announced in the fall.

Here are links to some sustainability information for students living in residence:

Top 10 Sustainability Actions poster

Residence sustainability brochure

Residence recycling and composting poster

Residence move out poster

Contact for more info.

Green labs

Our Geen Labs program is currently under development in partnership with the Occupational Health, Safey and Environment, and Facilities Management.

Click here for more information.

SAT resources

Green Office (GO!) program info sheet.

UVic Green Guide

Top 20 Sustainability Actions poster

Green IT Guide

Recycling Map & Guide

Power Smart Tips for Office Energy Savings

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