Summer fee regulations

  • The university reserves the right to change fees without notice.

  • Proceeds of undergraduate awards received or granted by the university are credited to fee accounts.

  • Payments and other credits in excess of total sessional fee charges are applied to other unpaid accounts. Any remaining credit balance for a session is refunded on request.

Full policies: For more information on tuition, consult the academic calendar. For fee reduction appeals, visit the Office of the Registrar's website.

More information

What is the acceptance deposit?

If you're an undergraduate student admitted for the first time to take credit courses, 24 hours before attempting to register, you must pay an acceptance deposit of $200.

This deposit is payable regardless of any loan, scholarship or sponsorship arrangements. It is applied to your fee account and forfeited if you withdraw.

If the deposit payment is returned NSF, your registration will be cancelled.

How long do I have to drop a course for a full reduction of fees?

See fee reduction days on the add/drop dates page.

Note: fee reduction deadlines are not the same as academic drop deadlines.

All tuition fee reductions are subject to retention of the acceptance deposit.

How can I get a fee reduction?

To obtain fee reductions, you must drop courses by either:

  • using online registration or
  • submitting written notice of changes in registration to Undergraduate Records Services or Graduate Records

Fee reductions will be based on either the date recorded in the online registration log or the date written notice is received.

You should not rely upon instructors to make course drops on your behalf.

How do I appeal a fee reduction decision?

Contact Undergraduate Records Services, Main Floor, University Centre, if you believe a drop has not been properly recorded in your student record.

Contact Accounting Services if a fee reduction for a dropped course has not been properly reflected in your fee account.

Contact the appropriate Advising Centre if there are extenuating circumstances such as illness, accident, family affliction, etc.


Have you followed the appeal process above but still not satisfied?

If you feel there is basis for an appeal of the unresolved fee reduction issue, you may make a written appeal to:

Fee Reduction Appeals Committee
Manager, Tuition Fee Assessments
Accounting Services, 1st Floor
University Centre

What happens to my fees if I withdraw from UVic?

If you wish to withdraw, you must either write a letter or go to Records Services.

If you drop all your courses or fail to attend classes, you must still notify Undergraduate Records Services. You are not automatically withdrawn from the university.

Do I have to pay student fees after I withdraw?

If you withdraw during 100% fee reduction periods you will not have to pay Athletics/ Recreation and UVic Students’ Society fees.

When you drop courses in the 50% drop period these fees are not reversed. You will still need to pay them.