Common questions

Summer session is different that winter session in many ways. Contact us if your question is not answered here.


How do I apply for summer session?

New students

Apply to the summer session using the UVic online application.

Current UVic students

If you've registered in courses in the last two sessions (e.g. to apply to summer 2017, you must have been registered in either summer 2016 or winter 2016-2017), you can register via My page on or after your authorized date and time. Check your registration status.

If you haven't registered in the last two sessions, you can apply to resume studies.

What are the seven terms in summer?

In winter session, there are only two terms: September to December and January to April.

Because courses in summer can be three weeks or even four months, the session is broken up into seven terms.

Where can I find important summer dates?

See important dates in the university academic calendar.

How many courses gives me full-time status?

You must be registered in six or more units to be considered full time in the summer session.

Be sure to double check any special requirements for government students loans or bursaries with Student Awards and Financial Aid.

What is the maximum course load I can take?

You may register for up to nine units in the period May through August.

Exceptions to this require prior written approval of the dean of your faculty.

When is my exam?

Examinations are held in class on the last day of the section in which you're registered.

The exception is the Term 1 examination period

Can I apply to graduate after summer session?

The following deadlines apply for students planning to graduate in the fall (October):

• Application available: February 16
• Application deadline: July 15
• Complete program requirements: end of August

Late applications for fall graduation will be accepted until September 10 (additional fee applies). Students who miss the application deadline can apply for spring graduation.

Resuming studies

When can I register for summer courses?

Summer session registration normally starts in mid March.

Each student who has been admitted prior to the start of registration is assigned a date and time of when they can access the registration system.

  • To find your registration date and time, view your registration status in My page.
  • To register for classes, access the add or drop classes module in My page.

If I'm a current UVic student, am I automatically authorized to register?

If you have been registered in one or more terms in the last two sessions, you will automatically recieve a date and time that you are eligible to register on or after.

How come I was dropped from my summer class?

Departments reserve the right to cancel the registration of any student who is not able to demonstrate that all course prerequisites have been met or who fails to attend a course within the outlined periods:

  • May–August courses: first seven calendar days from commencement of the course
  • May–June courses: first two class meetings
  • July–August courses: first two class meetings

However, it is important to know that if you don't formally drop a course, you will be given a failing grade. Consequently, you may be required to withdraw and pay the tuition fee for the course.

You should not assume, therefore, that failure to attend classes will result in automatic cancellation of your registration.

  • Log in to My page to check your registration status.

Why was my summer course cancelled?

We encourage students to register as early as possible.

Most courses given in May, June, July, and August are subject to enrolment and may be canceled as early as one month before their start date if the enrolment figures are not met.

How do I audit a summer course?

Registered students and members of the community may be permitted to audit up to 3 units of undergraduate courses in a session. Registration as an auditor is subject to the following conditions:

  • The individual must receive permission from the department concerned.

  • Permission to audit a course is dependent upon the class size and other factors that the instructor and the department establish.

  • The degree of an auditor’s participation in the course is at the discretion of the department.

  • Attendance as an auditor does not grant entitlement to an academic record of such attendance and will not be considered as meeting admission, prerequisite or course requirements for any University credit program.

  • Graduate courses are normally open only to students who are registered in the Faculty of Graduate Studies; see the faculty regulations in the UVic Graduate Calendar.

Auditor class entry forms are available online or from Undergraduate Records.

Academic regulations

Can I be put on academic probabation based on my summer courses?

Yes - minimum sessional GPA must be maintained even in the summer.

Academic standing, university probationary status and the requirement to withdraw apply to all faculties and sessions, including summer.


When are my fees due?

Fees are due May 31.

Any additional fees resulting from subsequent changes in registration are due by the end of the month in which such changes are made.

Is my bus pass valid for the summer session?

If you are registered in one course (1.5 units) at any time during the summer session, your U-pass is valid from May-August.

However, since some credits do not include regular student fees, the following do not automatically get a renewed U-pass:

  • Distance courses.
  • Co-operative education.

To validate your bus pass, opt in at the UVSS info booth at the Student Union Building.