Course add/drop dates

Notice: The Summer 2017 timetable is now available. Registration will open in the third week of March.

In the University of Victoria summer session, there are seven terms that start and end on the dates outlined below. Since each term is slightly different, the fee reduction and academic drop deadlines vary. Check the information below to ensure you use the dates specific for your courses.

Once you have registered, you can view this information on your administrative transcript via My page.

Add and drop dates for standard summer courses

Term Classes start Classes end Course drop
100% refund
Last day to add classes Course drop
50% refund
Academic drop
no refund
1 May 1 July 28 May 13 May 13 June 3 June 28
2 May 8 June 30 May 15 May 15 May 28 June 12
3 July 5 Aug 21 July 11 July 11 July 22 Aug 5
4 May 8 June 7 May 12 May 12 May 19 May 27
5 June 8 June 30 June 10 June 10 June 16 June 22
6 July 5 July 27 July 7 July 7 July 13 July 19
7 July 28 Aug 21 July 31 July 31 Aug 6 Aug 13

Non-standard courses

Have a course that doesn't fit the dates in one of the 7 terms listed above? You might have a non-standard course.

More information on academic drop dates

Each term has one add courses deadline and three different course drop deadlines which can impact your tuition fees and academic record.

Add/drop deadlines can be found in the current academic calendar, under "General Information", "Academic Year Important Dates". Please make sure you are checking the current calendar.

Last day to add classes

  • The last day to register for courses in the current term via "Add or Drop Courses" on My page.
  • After this date, online registration is closed and you will need to request departmental permission to add the course in the current term.

Course drop - 100% refund

  • If you drop a course on or before this date, you will not be charged any tuition for the course.
  • After this date you will be charged 50% of tuition for it. 

Course drop - 50% refund

  • If you drop a course before or on this date you will be charged 50% of tuition.
  • After this date you may still drop a course, but you will be charged 100% of tuition for it. 

Academic drop date

  • The last day for dropping courses without penalty of failure.
  • If you drop a course on or before the academic drop deadline, but after the course drop deadline for 50% tuition reduction, you will be charged 100% of tuition for that course.
  • The dropped course will be removed from your academic record/transcript.
  • After this date, courses can only be dropped if you are eligible for academic concession.

An appeal for fee reduction can be submitted if exceptional circumstances have not permitted you to drop a course before any of the tuition deadlines.