Lunch and Learn - November 2016

Interfaith Chapel Labyrinth

For the last 15 years during the exams period, a Chartres style labyrinth has been laid out on the floor of the Interfaith Chapel. During this time of stress and anxiety, students and staff can walk the labyrinth to find relief from intensity, connect with inner wisdom, and open to contemplative insight. For many, the winding path that takes us to the sacred center of the labyrinth becomes a metaphor for our own spiritual journey. At this Lunch and Learn, come learn about the history of the labyrinth, how to meditate while walking the labyrinth, and to awaken to your own inner wisdom.

Date: Thursday, November 24, 2016, 11:30am - noon
Location: Welcome Centre (University Centre Building)

Facilitator: Henri Lock, United Chaplain, Multifaith Services

Lunch-and-learn sessions are open to all staff members in the Division of Student Affairs. Please register at or by calling 250-721-8949 and don’t forget to bring your lunch!