Residence meal plan guide

The following can be used as a reference to help you determine what your food card
balance should be. This info is based on students: 1) eating the same amount
each day; 2) arriving on Sept 1; and 3) eating items in the Cadboro Commons Dining Room, Village Greens or Caps Bistro.

All students living in dormitory residence are placed on a Standard meal plan, but can transfer to a Full or Light plan by visiting our main office no later than September 20 or January 20 of each term.

Standard Meal Plan: Our most popular plan, designed for students who are on-campus on alternate weekends and those with average appetites.

Full Meal Plan: Appropriate for students on-campus most weekends and those with larger appetites.

Light Meal Plan: Suitable for students occasionally on-campus on weekends and those with lighter appetites.

Money can be added to any Residence Meal Plan at any the UFS Main Office or the ONECard Office using Visa, M/C, Debit or Cash. Alternatively funds may be added via our secure on-line web payment service; Beamstream using Visa, M/C or Amex. The “Add Funds” icon is located on the UFS website or the ONECard website. Funds may also be added at UFS locations (in any increment up to $100) using Debit* or Cash. Any amount added to any plan is allocated entirely to the Residence Dollars portion of the Meal Plan and is eligible for the Carry Forward Plan. *Mystic Market accepts cash and ONECard only.

Daily breakdowns are also available below: