Residence meal plan guide

The following can be used as a reference to help you determine what your food card
balance should be. This info is based on students arriving at the beginning of the semester and eating the same amount each day.

All students living in dormitory residence are placed on a Standard meal plan, but can transfer to a Full or Light plan by visiting our main office no later than September 20 or January 20 of each term.

Standard Meal Plan: Our most popular plan, designed for students who are on-campus on alternate weekends and those with average appetites.

Full Meal Plan: Appropriate for students on-campus most weekends and those with larger appetites.

Light Meal Plan: Suitable for students occasionally on-campus on weekends and those with lighter appetites.

Money can be added to any Residence Meal Plan at the UFS Main Office, any UFS location or the ONECard Office using Visa, M/C, Debit or Cash. Alternatively funds may be added via our secure online web payment service using Visa, M/C, Amex or Debit Online. The “Add Funds” icon is located on the UFS website or the ONECard website.

Daily breakdowns are also available below: