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Centre for Addictions Research

Related departments: Aboriginal Health Research
Centre for Addictions Research
University of Victoria
Technology Enterprise Facility
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Campus Map
Centre for Addictions Research
University of Victoria
Centre for Addictions Research of BC
2300 McKenzie Ave, Room 273
Victoria, BC
Centre for Addictions Research
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC
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Department Listings:

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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
IT Support/Programmer Laverne Douglas 604-408-7753
Research Associate Tim Dyck 604-408-7753
Publications Office Nicole Bodner 604-408-7753
Research Associate Bette Reimer 604-408-7753
Senior Data Analyst Jinhui Zhao 250-472-5935 TEF 283A
Data Analyst Connie Zeisser 250-853-3237 TEF 267B
Research Associate Kate Vallance 250-472-5934 TEF 273C
Research Associate Rachel Phillips 250-853-3232 TEF 263
Research Assistant Kathleen Perkin 250-853-3228 TEF 261
Scientist Bernie Pauly 250-572-5915 TEF 261A
Research Associate Gina Martin 250-853-3239 TEF 283
Scientist Cecilia Benoit 250-853-3132 TEF 263A
Scientist Cheryl Cherpitel 250-853-3236 TEF 267A
Director Tim Stockwell 250-472-5445 TEF 273b
Assistant Director Scott Macdonald 250-472-5933 TEF 281
Receptionist/Administrative Assistant Jen Theil 250-472-5445 TEF 273
Administrator Emma Carter 250-472-5305 TEF 273A
FAX 250-472-5321
Scientist John Anderson 250-472-5623
Director, Communication & Resource Unit Dan Reist 604-408-7753 NONE Burrard Street, Vancouver
Secretary/Assistant to Director, CRU Cathy Spence 604-408-7753 NONE 909-510 Burrard
Information Officer, CRU Evelyn Souza 604-408-7753 NONE
FAX - Communication & Resource Unit (CRU 604-408-7731
Scientist Mikael Jansson 250-853-3134 TEF 263B
Research Associate Andrew Ivsins 250-853-3234 TEF 267A
Given Name Last Name Office Telephone E-mail
Cecelia Benoit  
Nicole Bodner
Melanie Callas
Emma Carter TEF 273A 250-472-5305 (local: 5305)
Cheryl Cherpitel TEF TEF 283a 250-853-5935 (local: 5935)
Lisa Gou
Mikael Jansson TEF 263b 250-853-3134 (local: 3134)
Chantele Joordens
Scott MacDonald TEF 281 250-472-5933 (local: 5933)
Kathleen Perkin TEF 235 250-721-6269 (local: 6269)
Dan Reist   Burrard Street, Vancouver 604-408-7753
Catriona Remocker
Jeremy Riishede TEF 261 250-853-3228 (local: 3228)
Audra Roemer
Amanda Slaunwhite
Jen Theil TEF 273 250-472-5445 (local: 5445)
Kate Vallance TEF 273c 250-472-5934 (local: 5934)
CUPE 951 CUPE 951
CUPE 951
CUPE 917 CUPE 917
CUPE 917
CUPE 4163 CUPE 4163
CUPE 4163
Facilities Management Facilities Management
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Facilities Management Facilities Management
Payroll | CUPE Enquiries
Libr Collections Management Libraries, Collection Management Services
Library Assistant (on leave); CUPE 951 Chief Steward