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Department of Human Resources

Department of Human Resources
University of Victoria
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
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Department of Human Resources
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
Department of Human Resources
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700
Victoria, BC
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
HR Assistant Manuela Lale 250-721-8085 SED B146
FAX 250-721-8094

Human Resources

Associate Vice President Kane Kilbey 250-721-8031 SED B139
Implementation Team Member Lynne Johnstone 250-721-8123 CLE A117C
HR Systems & Workforce Analytics Manager Yasmin Kathrada 250-721-8770 SED B140
Administrative Assistant Kate Fuller 250-721-8032 SED B170
Temporary Staffing Solutions Kam Cheema 250-721-7464 SED B170

Labour Relations & HR Consulting

Director, Labour Relations & HR Consulting Steve Gorham 250-721-7559 SED B141
Manager, Employee Relations Eric Mayes 250-721-8086 SED B155

Human Resource Consulting

Human Resources Associate Under Recruitment 250-721-8906 SED B158
A/Human Resources Consultant Tonya Said-Wilson 250-721-8090 SED B148
Human Resource Consultant Nella Garman 250-472-5492 SED B159
Human Resources Consultant Patti McDonald 250-853-3244 SED B157
Human Resources Consultant Lynn Meyers 250-472-5673 SED B154

Organization Development & Learning

Director, OD & Learning Services Under Recruitment
Manager, OD & Learning Services Barbara Hogan 250-721-8088 SED B160
Learning & Development Coordinator Clare Malcolmson 250-853-3181 SED B170

Total Compensation & Recruitment

Director, Total Compensation & Recruitment Shelley Kohlmann 250-472-4359 SED B151

Employment Services

Human Resources Coordinator Kam Cheema 250-721-7464 SED B170
HR Advisor, Recruitment & Classification Janice Helmer 250-721-8794 SED B149
HR Advisor, Recruitment & Classification Jennifer Farrow 250-472-5549 SED B150
HR Advisor, Recruitment & Classification Penny Waterman 250-721-8093 SED B147
Work Life Consultant Tine Lathouwers 250-721-8450 SED B153
Work Life Consultant Cathy Boraston 250-472-5462 SED B153a
Work Life Consultant David Morgan 250-721-6379 SED B132
HR Assistant Shaundra McNabb 250-721-6530 SED B170
HR Assistant Belinda Fontes 250-472-5490 SED B170


Manager, Benefits Suzanne Helston 250-721-8089 SED B125
Benefits Clerk Fran McMurray 250-721-6522 SED B125
Benefits & Leave Clerk Valerie McCubbin 250-472-4581 SED B125
Given Name Last Name Office Telephone E-mail
Cathy Boraston SED B153a 250-472-5462 (local: 5462)
Kam Cheema SED B170 250-721-7464 (local: 7464)
Jennifer Farrow SED B150 250-472-5549 (local: 5549)
Belinda Fontes
Kate Fuller SED B170 250-721-8032 (local: 8032)
Nella Garman SED B159 250-472-5492 (local: 5492)
Steve Gorham SED B141 250-721-7559 (local: 7559)
Janice Helmer SED B149 250-721-8794 (local: 8794)
Suzanne Helston SED B125 250-721-8089 (local: 8089)
Barbara Hogan SED B160 250-721-8088 (local: 8088)
Lynne Johnstone CLE A117C 250-721-8123 (local: 8123)
Yasmin Kathrada SED B140 250-721-8770 (local: 8770)
Kane Kilbey SED B139 250-721-8031 (local: 8031)
Shelley Kohlmann SED B151 250-472-4359 (local: 4359)
Manuela Lale SED B146 250-721-8085 (local: 8085)
Tine Lathouwers SED B153 250-721-8450 (local: 8450)
Clare Malcolmson SED B170 250-853-3181 (local: 3181)
Eric Mayes SED B155 250-721-8086 (local: 8086)
Valerie McCubbin SED B125 250-472-4581 (local: 4581)
Patti McDonald SED B157 250-853-3244 (local: 3244)
Fran McMurray SED B125 250-721-6522 (local: 6522)
Shaundra McNabb SED B170 250-721-6530 (local: 6530)
Lynn Meyers SED B154 250-472-5673 (local: 5673)
David Morgan SED B155 250-721-6379 (local: 6379)
Darien Myette
Tonya Said-Wilson SED B148 250-721-8090 (local: 8090)
Penny Waterman SED B147 250-721-8093 (local: 8093)